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Friday, 17 June 2016

top three dark lipsticks ♥

Although summer is supposed to be here, I am still reaching for my darker lip shades, for today's post I wanted to show you my top three favourite lipsticks and although the shades are quite different, they all have a very similar moisturising finish. If you are looking for an extreme gothic purple shade, look no further than the Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish lipstick in shade 04. I have pretty much bought every shade from this Kate Moss collection but 04 is certainly one of my favourites, it creates a bold look and it applies so well! For a cheeky, cherry red lip shade, I still reach for the Smooch lipstick in the shade Merlot. Out of the three shades, this formula is definitely the creamiest and it really does feel lightweight on your lips. 

The shade can run over your lips slightly so I definitely recommend using a lip liner to keep it in place. Finally, I have my favourite shade out of the bunch, the Beauty UK 17 Plumalicious lipstick, I am a huge fan of purple and I am so impressed with the pigmentation of this shade. I definitely think darker lipsticks should be worn no matter what the season is. What do you think of this selection? What is your favourite dark lipstick? 

Monday, 21 March 2016

zara home overview ♥

Hi girls, I hope you are all having a lovely start to the week. I have been wrapping up the April issue with the team so it has been a pretty busy month! I still can't believe it is my 9th issue at Scratch magazine, I can't explain how happy I am to be a journalist finally, I'll have to do a blog post on this soon! On the blogging sides of things though , I feel like I've really been slacking with my posts so I've put together a long list of blog posts that I want to get through. For today's post I wanted to talk about Zara, well Zara Home to be exact. My boyfriend and I recently travelled to My Old Dutch (you can read my review here) and on our way back we had a look at Zara and ended up in the home section.

There is something so quirky yet classic about Zara home, I was instantly drawn to the white, cream products simply because my dream house would be completely cream/white - imagine the cleaning! My overall thoughts of the Zara Home section is a pretty good one, I love how the items are categorised by colour and I found it really easy to find bedroom and bathroom bits. A few favourite pieces included the marble inspired bathroom accessories, I loved the gold detailing! If you aren't much of a white or cream fan, they really do have a wide selection of colour ranges - so you will certainly find something to suit your style. What do you think of the Zara Home range? 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

get the look - cheryl BRIT awards ♥

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Hi girls, I hope you are all having a lovely evening, after my yoga session tonight I managed to catch a glimpse of The BRIT Awards, including what Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was wearing. I do find it a mouthful saying her second name now, but as you all know I have been obsessed with Cheryl for years. I think she looked incredible tonight, her dress really reminded me of the Girls Aloud, I Can't Speak French music video! I feel like whatever I post about Cheryl I will always be extremely biased, this girl can do no beauty wrongs in my eyes. Tonight at The BRITs was certainly no exception. Wearing a gorgeous yellow dress and wavy hair extensions, Cheryl looked incredible. For her make-up, she slightly switched up her eyeshadow and wore a heavy, black smokey eye which is quite different from her classic brown eyeshadow look. 

It is quite a bold make-up look but she's toned down the rest of her face to balance it out. To create this look I would definitely use the KIKO Skin Evolution Foundation to create a similar fresh, dewy look - without the hefty price tag. For the eyeshadow, I would reach for my trusty Bourjois Little Round Pot Intense Eyeshadow in the shade Noir Fusain, I think this is perfect for blending but I would definitely create the eyes first before putting on foundation to prevent fall out. Overall, this look is ideal for a night out or any big upcoming events - the toned down lips and skin balances the black eyeshadow out perfectly and definitely shouts red carpet ready. What do you think of this look? What was your favourite make-up look and outfit from The BRITS? 

Sunday, 21 February 2016

the maybelline falsies push up drama mascara ♥

Hi girls, I hope you are all having a lovely lazy Sunday! For today's post, I wanted to talk about the new Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. When I first saw the packaging, I actually thought it was a 2 step mascara, but you simply open the darker pink end and voila, the mascara wand will appear. I am so impressed with this mascara, especially because lash length has always been a problem for me. As you all know, if you follow me on Instagram, I am a huge fan of the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, I think the bristles are perfect for my lashes. Now with the Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama mascara, they give my lashes double the impact compared to what my current Maybelline mascara gives me.

I have horrible, short natural lashes and unless I use a comb style mascara wand, the bigger bristle styles mascara wands struggle to give me length and volume. When it came to removing the mascara, I used the Garnier Skin Fresh Eye Make-up Remover from Boots and I found that the formula was really easy to work with, it took a few wipes, but I managed to get all of the mascara off my face. If you have super long lashes, I don't think you need to use that many coats but if you have short lashes like me, I can't recommend this mascara enough! Have you tried this mascara yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Monday, 15 February 2016

current beauty favourites - february ♥

For today's post, I wanted to focus on my four favourite products that I have been loving recently, I haven't posted a favourites post in a while so I thought I would get started with a mixture of make-up products. 

Tanya Burr false lashes - Date Night: I am so, so fussy when it comes to wearing false lashes but Tanya Burr has really nailed her lash range. Date Night is my favourite style from her collection, it creates subtle flutter without being too heavy on my lash line. I definitely recomend giving her beauty range a try if you haven't already.  

One Direction Perfume - One Moment: This is certainly a guilty pleasure, I was never a 1D fan before, but after seeing them in Wales last year, I am officially converted. The One Moment fragrance is currently in my handbag, I've been wearing it everyday! The top notes include pink grapefruit and wild berries so it is super fruit and really girly. 

NYX Butter Gloss in shade Fortune Cookie: Even though the queue was incredibly long, I managed to pick up a few NYX goodies at the Olympia Beauty show last year, I am a huge, huge fan of NYX products and this is pretty much down to seeing my favourite Youtubers use the brand. This butter gloss is perfect for keeping lips smooth and soft and it is such a gorgeous shade! 

Primark PS Long Wear Polish: While I was running around Primark picking up vest tops and leggings, the nail polish range caught my eye, especially this matte, white shade. I am a sucker from french manicures so this was ideal for me. This nail polish does exactly what is says on the tin, it lasts around 4-5 days without chipping, which is pretty good for a polish and for price is always on point. I believe this polish was between £1 to £2. 

Sunday, 14 February 2016

food time - my old dutch ♥

Hi girls I hope you are having a lovely Valentine's Day, I've spent my weekend buried in Batman DVD's and eating in Gaucho's at Tower Bridge for the first time. But for today's post I wanted to talk about pancakes! If you are still craving pancakes after this week, then My Old Dutch is the perfect solution. I visited Chelsea on Saturday and popped into My Old Dutch on Kings Road, the location was nestled inside the busy Chelsea shopping atmosphere and as I entered the restaurant I was greeted with a large menu full of pancake based treats! The interior was very quirky and not what you would expect to see on Kings Road but it certainly warrants its place, there was a mixture of blue chairs with orange walls - definitely matching the unique menu! 

Despite being pancake focused, there are a few other options, such as nachos, salads and waffles. I ordered an organic apple juice and for our mains we ordered the crispy bacon, spinach and melted cheese pancake as well as the bacon and maple syrup savoury pancake. They also had a selection of vegetarian and gluten free pancakes, so this is certainly a plus! I really didn't know what to expect when I ordered my food, I'll admit that I am not normally a fan of pancakes but as they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. They were enormous and absolutely covered with toppings - the bacon on my spinach and cheese pancake was perfectly crisp, exactly how I like it! Even though the pancakes were giant, we managed to eat both of them, so you certainly won't waste anything. Overall, the experience at My Old Dutch was a nice change compared to my usual evening meals out, I loved having pancakes for lunch and the location is a dream. You can see the full menu here. 9/10 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

beauty uk lips matter creams ♥

I recently received two of the Beauty UK Lips Matters* shades, as I've said many times before, shimmer make-up is totally out of my comfort zone, so matte lip creams make me very happy. I have been a fan of Beauty UK for years now, the price, packaging and colour range is incredible and the Beauty UK Lips Matter collection is no exception. There are eight shades in the complete range and the colours include nudes, peachy pinks and a few reds. Pretty much your every lip need! The two shades I received are called No.1 Bond, Mrs Bond and No.3 Curious Coral. When I first tried the lip creams, I was so impressed with how silky and smooth the texture was, even though the formula is supposed to be matte, it was not dry on my lips. 

It created a gorgeous matte texture but it had a slightly, creamy feel to the formula so my lips didn't look chapped! I was so impressed with the pigmentation, I applied Curious Coral over a red lipstick and it created a gorgeous warm lip shade. It definitely works by itself or by wearing over your current lipstick. For £3.99, you really can't go wrong. If you haven't tried matte lip creams before, Beauty UK are a great starting point before you spend the big bucks on products like Kylie Jenner's lip kits! Have you tried Beauty UK products before? You can see the full range here. 9/10 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

i heart makeup lip geek lipstick ♥

I have been meaning to put this review together for a while, I finally found a lipstick that matches my skin tone perfectly and provides a perfect companion for my smokey eye make-up. Meet the I heart Makeup Lip Geek lipstick, (quite a mouthful!), in the shade: A Smile is the Best Makeup. Made by Make-Up Revolution, this range is perfect for lips that need moisture because of the gorgeous, creamy texture. First of all, lets start with the packaging - hello eye catching! I really love the 80's Barbie doll packaging, I definitely makes it easier finding this in my make-up bag. 

There really are ideal for everyday wear if you want to avoid wearing your £15 MAC lipstick everyday like me. The price is heaven, only £1.99. What I really love about this range is the large amount of nude shades in the collection, I am obsessed with nude lipsticks and I feel Make-Up Revolution has managed to cater every nude shade for any skin type. There really isn't a bad thing to say about these lipsticks, the texture is perfect although you should exfoliate your lips properly just to make sure the lipstick formula applies smoothly. With 24 shades to choose from, you can definitely find your favourite. You can see the full range here. 10/10 

Saturday, 30 January 2016

actiderm lip pencil ♥

With Kylie Jenner's plump pout always making headlines, there has been a massive increase with lip liners over the past year! So today I wanted to talk about a particular lip liner that has caught my attention, this lip liner is by the make-up and skin brand Actiderm*. This particular shade I am wearing is called Pink Nude 792, it is a gorgeous nude shade with a warm undertone. My first impressions of the packaging were how bold and chic it looked! I love that this lip pencil is an applicator because it is much handier to use, you don't need to constantly sharpen it like regular lip pencils. All together, there are six different lip pencil shades available from the Actiderm range, the colours definitely cover your every lipstick need or if you prefer you can just wear the lip pencil by itself. 

I love using this and I've definitely got into the habit of exfoliating my lips so my lip liner looks smoother. I found the application of this lip liner incredibly easy to apply to my lips and I didn't even need to apply a concealer on my lips beforehand to make the colour pop! I really recommend this lip liner for an everyday look and you can always apply a lip gloss on top to really make your lips stand out. I was also lucky enough to try three different skin products from the range, including a facial scrub, moisturiser and a 3D corrector which works as a tinted moisturiser. I'll be reviewing these products in my next post! Have you tried any of the Actiderm products before? You can find more about the products on April's Instagram, Facebook and website 10/10 

Monday, 18 January 2016

get the look - jennifer lopez golden globes ♥

For the Golden Globes, Jennifer Lopez definitely ranked top on my list. Her make-up was flawless and definitely not what I expected. I would never have thought to pair a glossy, red lip with golden eyeshadow but this look really worked! I've put together a few products that can create this look, including a designer brand and a high street brand, starting with the YSL Couture Mono Eyeshadow in #12 compared to the Maybelline Mono Eyeshadow in Golden Halo. The cream lipstick is from H&M and the lipgloss is from Urban Decay in shade #69. These products are pretty much the essential items that you need for creating this look, applying a dark, shimmery lipstick with a rich gloss on the top is an easy way to create the same look as J Lo. For her nails, I picked the gorgeous shade, Darks from OPI and I've kept the rest of the products, L'Oreal and Maybelline based. Overall, this look is really simple to create but it definitely looks glamorous. What do you think of this look? 


Saturday, 16 January 2016

KISS lashes - the looks so natural range ♥


As you all know, the one beauty product that I cannot live without is false lashes. For me, they create instant glamour and they really open up my eyes. My eyes are quite small, so when it comes to buying false lashes I have learnt the hard way that heavy sets can make my eyes look even smaller. So after years of experimenting, I have found that natural lashes are the best option for me. Don't get me wrong, I love adding length to my lashes but this has to look natural and thin, not heavy. I am quite fussy when it comes to choosing my lashes but when the KISS Lashes* arrived, I was instantly impressed by the lash style. The KISS Looks So Natural Lash range is designed exactly for my lash taste, if you prefer subtle length and fullness this collection is the one for you. 

This lash range actually has unique Tapered End Lash technology that really ensures natural length and volume. There are five different styles available but the style I have used is KFL04C. This particular design is perfect for day wear and I found that the lash style looked subtle and actually a good quality. I was really impressed with the overall style and detailing of the lashes, they look very professional and were incredibly easy to wear! They were long lasting and the glue provided worked just as well as my beloved Eylure glue. I really cannot fault this range at all, although I do hope they bring out more lash styles in the Looks So Natural range! What do you think of KISS lashes, have you tried this particular set before? You can see the full lash range at Boots here. 10/10 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

this weeks instagram ♥

This week has been pretty busy because we are back in the Scratch office, I can't believe I have officially been a beauty journalist for seven months! The time has flown past but it definitely feels like I am where I belong, it is the most amazing feeling writing for a living, so I can't wait to finish our February issue. With New York lurking around the corner, I still haven't put together what I want to buy, Victoria's Secret will definitely be on my list but I also want to visit the historical sites. We will be booking a helicopter tour to really see the buildings of the city so I can't wait! Make-up wise, I'm trying to really look after my skin in this weather, my skin can get incredibly dry so I've been having lots of hot baths with bath salts.

I am also obsessed with the nude, bath creme from Boots. I actually bought this in the January sales last year! Despite the awful queues, I managed to buy two gorgeous pairs of ripped jeans from Zara - I have awful luck with jeans normally but each pair was £20.00. I also travelled to the Ashford outlet and I bought myself a pair of red leather trousers from Ralph Lauren, they were reduced from £600 to just £20! I will be putting together a few outfit posts next week to show you the new outfits in my wardrobe. Have you managed to find any goodies in the sales this year? Have a lovely evening girls! 
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