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blank canvas magnimarble brush set ♥

For today's blog post I wanted to talk about one of my favourite beauty brands - Blank Canvas. With Mother's Day right around the corner and birthday season approaching for most of my friends, the latest Blank Canvas launch has got me pretty excited. The Magnimarble Brush Set was launched a few months ago and when the box landed at my door, I completely fell in love. Not only am I a sucker for marble themed products but the quality and fine detailing of this brush set blew me away.
Foundation: Stila Stay All Day
Let's get started with the review. The Magnimarble Brush Set arrived in a sturdy marble box and after opening the box, a selection of 10 marble coated brushes were neatly placed inside a marble tin. I actually assumed that the marble tin was a tray to store the brushes in but after finding out that the brushes are magnetic, I quickly realised that you can place the brushes inside the tin to use as a brush stand. 
Personally I have never seen a brush stand like this before, I love that the chrome brush tips work as magnets. I really love this unique storing option and this makes it a lot easier to keep your beauty routine organised. I usually have my brushes and make-up all over my beauty dresser so I love that you have to option to keep the brushes secure in one place and it reduces the risk of getting product from the brushes on your beauty dresser or floor.
As you can see, the brushes are designed for your face and eyes. I really like that the set includes both because this makes the brushes more cost effective. The face brushes specalise in pretty much everything, from applying foundation to contouring. The brushes are 100% vegan and they are designed for a variety of different products and they can cater to what you like best, whether you prefer a buffing style brush for applying foundation, or if like me, you prefer to use an angled brush. I have loved applying my foundation with the MF35 brush because the angled tip helps with my cream foundation palette. 
The kit includes face brushes:
MF08 Dome Buffing Brush: Ideal for foundation/blush/contour application.
MF38 Duo Fibre Face Brush: Ideal for sculpting, contouring, blending and highlighting the face. 
MF35 Small Angled Edge Face Brush: Use to apply or blend concealer, foundation, cream contour, and powder products.
MF47 Medium Powder Brush: Ideal to use as a finishing brush for application of blush/powder
MF22 Jumbo Buffer: Ideal for buffing concealer/foundation to smaller areas.
MF48 Flat Concealer Brush: Use with cream or liquid products. 

It also contains eye brushes:
ME45 Duo Fibre Eye Blender: Amazing eyeshadow blending brush. Great for concealer too.
ME11 Brow/Liner Brush: Perfect for brow grooming or applying liner to the lash line. Great with powder/gel/cream product.
ME04 Flat Shader: Ideal for applying or shading product. Also great for applying lip product. 

MF47 Medium Powder Brush: Ideal to use as a finishing brush for application of blush/powder
MF22 Jumbo Buffer: Ideal for buffing concealer/foundation to smaller areas. 
MF48 Flat Concealer Brush: Use with cream or liquid products.

Overall, I think this is one of the prettiest brush kits I have ever tried, the packaging is my idea of heaven and I would be happy to give this to my mum or friend for a present. I cannot fault the presentation or design of the Blank Canvas brush set and the magnetic aspect will certainly keep my mum from losing the brushes! The quality of the bristles in amazing and I have noticed such a difference from using the set. What do you think of the Magnimarble set? Have you tried any products from the Blank Canvas range? You can see my review of the palette,
here and for UK readers, you can find Blank Canvas at Beauty Bay. ♥

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  1. This has to be the dreamiest brush set I've ever seen, total babetown! I love the idea of the brushes being magnetic and the marble set is truly stunning <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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