Monday, 8 January 2018

#tiptalk - how to combat january blues ♥

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Happy Monday everyone. I am feeling very sleepy right now. I am looking out of my window while I am writing this blog post and it seems very quiet and miserable outside. Christmas has officially disappeared and the festive treats have now vanished from my house. I don't need to look for any sequin or feathered party dresses anymore and I don't have a good excuse to drink Bailey's or Snowball for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes, the January blues have begun and although I started my year on a positive note with my New Year's Resolutions, I have been feeling slightly anxious for some reason.I have always said for Fairytale Kiss I want to keep things honest and real. Let's be truthful, just because you have set goals for the New Year, it doesn't mean that everything will fall into place straight away. Rather than feel pressured and nervous about the New Year, I wanted to write down a few tips to beat the January blues. I think we all need a little pick me up sometimes and I think it is lovely to read a positive and (hopefully) motivational blog post from time to time. My first tip would be to get your reading glasses ready. For the past few months I have been finding my love for reading again, I love holding a big, old musty book and losing myself in the pages. I find it incredibly therapeutic and this year I want to broaden my usual book taste. I have ordered a big pile of vegan cook books too so I am pretty started to take on a new hobby - learning how to cook vegan style!Speaking of projects, my next tip would be to grab a bin bag and a few charity bags. I love clearing out my room and either donating old clothes to my local charity shop and also binning rubbish that I don't need anymore. Personally, a tidy room is the best type of therapy for me and it makes me feel focused and organised and overall, less stressed. Now that the Christmas excitement is over, I think January is the perfect time to discover a new passion or goal, yes the weather may be gloomy but this just means more time in bed with your laptop, book or your favourite film. Yes, I may also be very sleepy but I am really excited about the new year and there are so many things I want to get started on, especially my bedroom! It is incredibly cluttered right now and I feel calmer and less stressed when I have everything organised. What tips do you have for beating the January blues? 

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