Tuesday, 19 December 2017

the comfy mustard bardot dress ♥

Yellow mustard bardot dress - To Save*     Heels: Roberto Cavalli    Tan: Skinny Express Mousse*
For today's blog post I wanted to talk about how I make the most of my summer wardrobe. Trying to save money means my winter wardrobe is having to take a back seat for now, but this has actually made me realise how much potential my summer outfits have. This gorgeous mustard yellow dress is a perfect example of how you can turn your summer dress into a winter outfit. I was kindly sent this dress by To Save and although this bardot dress design was very popular in the summer, there is no reason why you can't tweak this dress for the winter season.

I absolutely adore bardot style dresses, I am a very big fan of long sleeves and in the winter time, a bardot dress can be a lifesaver. I actually wore this outfit for dinner last week but don't worry, I paired it with a thick pair of tights and my over the knee boots so I didn't freeze. I love that this dress is wearable for both seasons and I even switched the design up by tying the sleeves together. 

If you are looking to style this dress in the summer, a pair of sandals and sunglasses is a simple yet classic look. I personally like simple, classic styles and I let the mustard yellow shade do the talking. I hardly ever wear yellow shades but this mustard colour is incredibly flattering with my skin tone. Of course I did apply a few layers of Skinny Tan to give me that sun kissed glow. I love feeling bronzed all year round so this is a great tip if you want to bring some summer rays into your winter wardrobe. 

My top tips for dressing for the colder weather is to is grab an oversized faux fur coat and a pair of thick tights. You can still wear a fitted summer dress but I have to feel warm at the same time, I am certainly not afraid of wearing summer colours in the winter time but a thick faux fur coat is my number one lifesaver. Swapping your open toed sandals for a pair of heeled boots is another winter friendly tip, they will compliment most summer dresses. I hope my tips have been helpful and I hope you like how I styled this dress. How would you make a summer dress more winter friendly? ♥

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