Monday, 27 November 2017

#tiptalk - cooking with healthy oils ♥

I don't know about you but it feels like Christmas has arrived extra early this year. My gym membership has taken a holiday, (although I will try to go tonight), and my diet has been very takeaway heavy. I am trying to spend more time in the kitchen and I wanted to find out if I could make any subtle changes to the way I cook my food. Believe it or not, rapeseed oil* is a great alternative to using regular olive oil in the kitchen.
Before I started writing this post, I didn't know much about healthy methods of cooking food, sure I know about healthy ingredients but cooking oil does play a big part in how you prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinner. So what exactly is rapeseed oil? Rapeseed oil is grown in the UK and also Ireland, Canada, Germany, France and the Netherlands. It comes from the seeds of the plant, Brassica Napus and when the oil is being made it is cold pressed so all of the goodness stays inside the oil.
So if you are looking to cook a pasta, egg or rice dish, switch your sunflower oil to rapeseed oil, if you have vegetable oil in your cupboard you might be pleasantly surprised if you look at the ingredients on the back. My vegetable oil at home contains 100% rapeseed oil. I think subtle changes like this will make a big difference to your diet, especially with the festive Christmas season approaching. What subtle healthy cooking tips do you have? ♥

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