Wednesday, 8 November 2017

pretty little thing silver dress ♥

With the cold and drizzly weather in full swing it is making it quite difficult to shoot my blog photos but after ordering this beautiful Silver Plunge Dress from Pretty Little Thing, I had to write this blog post as soon as possible. I am a big lover of metallic colours and I instantly felt like a Christmas decoration or an MTV Music Award wearing this dress. It fit like a glove and although I could have needed a size up, the fabric is stretchy so it really adapts to your shape. I wore this dress on Saturday for a dinner and although it is not on the casual side, we know it suits my style perfectly.

Let's start with the dress hunt, I love that the winter wardrobe is back on the Pretty Little Thing website because I have always been a fan of the unique outfits they have. I never usually wear silver dresses so it made a nice change to wear something slightly out of my comfort zone and I was really impressed with the quality of the dress, especially because it is only £20.00. For my heels, I recently popped into Primark and I always play it safe with my heels, I love simple straps and thin stilettos so this black strappy pair was a perfect match for me.
Because the dress is quite bold, I wanted to keep my heels and bag quite simple and I found a large giant, velvet bow bag in Primark for £5.00, I have to have a large clutch bag to carry my make-up in and I really love how classic the bag design is. The bag has a thin gold chain so you can either wear it on your shoulder or hold it as a clutch. I am really trying to be strict with my budget this year because saving for a house is no easy task.
I'm pretty happy that this entire outfit cost me £33.00. Not bad for a full outfit right? I will certainly be putting together a metallic wish list and I am really surprised how wearable this dress is, despite the colour. What do you think of the silver trend? I would love to know how you would wear this dress ♥


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