Thursday, 2 November 2017

food time - pizza express salads ♥

Happy Thursday everyone. It has been quite some time since I wrote a Food Time blog post, I have really missed writing them. I have been visiting Pizza Express for the past few months for lunch and the menu really is incredible. I did write a blog post about the summer menu at Pizza Express earlier in the year but I think the regular salads still deserve a lot of praise. I know not many people go to a pizza restaurant for a salad but believe me, you will definitely find a hidden gem in the salad section. When I arrive at Pizza Express, I usually have my notebook with me and I often jot down different blog post ideas. By the time my salad arrives, I am in the mood to relax and watch a few Buffy episodes with my headphones in, it is a pretty new routine I've started.
I really enjoy eating by myself and it is always nice to switch up your routine to work out your to do list. I often choose the Pollo Salad or the Grand Chicken Caesar salad, the Pollo Salad has fresh, red Roquito pearls in the a rich, creamy house dressing sauce and it tastes incredibly fresh and rather sweet. I usually order an extra pot of house dressing and the combination of the warm dough sticks and goat's cheese is my idea of heaven. I know salads are often frowned upon when a resturant offers such a wide range of pasta/pizza dishes but I do find the Pizza Express salads incredibly filling and the chicken and salad combination gives me just the right amount of energy, especially if I am about to head off to the gym. 
When I visited Pizza Express earlier this week, they were actually making Halloween shaped dough balls, another reason why Pizza Express is one of my favourites. The menu is always changing so it is hard to get tired of it and with the classic salad options, you can always find a relaxing bite to eat here. I have yet to try salad options in other pizza restaurants but if the experience is similar to Pizza Express, I will certainly be glancing at the salad section on the menu. What do you order when you visit Pizza Express? I would love to know what your favourite type of salad is ♥

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