Monday, 6 November 2017

buckley london - kensington collection ♥

I am a big lover of sequins and sparkles and I have always loved jewellery that adds a touch of glamour to an outfit. When Buckley London* kindly contacted me about the new collections, I was instantly drawn to the new Kensington collection, but let's start from the beginning. If you haven't heard of Buckley London, the luxury jewellery brand has been worn by the likes of Kate Middleton and Ellie Goulding. It was created in 1989 and they certainly have a large amount of experience when it comes to creating luxury jewellery, from packaging to presentation.
The Kensington collection really stood out to me and for the past year I have only worn silver jewellery instead of my usual choice - gold. I love the bold silver gems on the delicate chains and I think this makes the collection very wearable and especially ideal for the winter season. As we all know, for my earrings, I usually wear simple diamond studs but I actually picked silver, disc drop earrings to branch out slightly. I instantly feel party session ready wearing them and it is amazing how much of a difference a pair of earrings can make.
For the Kensington Ring, this was one of my first choices. The bold design is my idea of heaven, the ring itself is very thin and dainty but the gems add an instant party vibe. If you are starting your Christmas shopping list, I think the Kensington collection would make a great gift but if you prefer very simple or subtle jewellery, the Lunar collection is a great starting point because the designs are incredibly delicate and add a touch of sparkle without being too overpowering. I love that Buckley London offer a different style to suit different tastes.
When I opened the parcel, the jewellery was carefully placed in three separate white boxes. I think presentation makes a big difference when it comes to buying jewellery and I personally prefer plain, classic packaging so this certainly gets a big thumbs up from me. Overall, I am so impressed with the Kensington collection, it matches my taste and style perfectly and I feel instantly festive wearing the collection with bright red too. What do you think of my Kensington collection picks? I would love to know what collection you would choose and what you would add to your Christmas wish list 


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