Thursday, 23 November 2017

brushworks brush sets ♥

I am back with a new beauty post and I wanted to talk about brushes. Make-up brushes are constantly changing and growing - there are new ways to apply your make-up and this year we have seen a big boom for make-up brands. I did review a Primark version of the infamous Oval brushes but the Brushwork collection has taken the word dupe to another level. Yes, I was happy with my Primark brushes but I didn't know what I was missing when I was kindly sent the Brushwork Oval set*. With Christmas around the corner, now is the ideal time to get your research glasses on, it is still possible to find high quality brushes with a reasonable price.
We know I love glitzy, gold packaging and the oval brushes are certainly Instagram heaven, I love the sophisticated design of the Oval set and it would certainly look good as a stocking filler. When it comes to the technical side of the brushes, I was really impressed with the design and the size of the bristles, the previous Primark brushes I tested were quite big so the Brushwork brushes are perfect for applying concealer in hard to reach areas near your eyes. I love how small the applicators are and this gift set is a great starting point for your eye base. 
It was incredibly easy to blend in my concealer and best of all, the bristles are very soft and flexible so it doesn't feel harsh on your delicate eye areas. When it came to using the purple Multi Tasking Finishing brush*, I wanted to test whether it could really work with liquid and powder products. I first used powder on my face to reduce shine and I think this is a pretty good powder brush, although I think I prefer using this brush for liquid foundations. The synthetic bristles really work with your skin and I was able to build up great, heavy coverage. This is certainly my favourite brush from the collection I reviewied. What do you think of make-up brushes? Do you like trying the newest brush trend or are you happy to use a basic set or your fingers, I would love to know what your favourite type of application is! ♥

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