Wednesday, 18 October 2017

the stila stay all day foundation ♥

When you find a product that works perfectly, it is pretty hard not to shout from your bedroom window. I get so excited about the Stila brand as a whole because I really do believe the quality of the range is outstanding. I have previously talked about my foundation routine but I wanted to write a closer review on the Stila Stay All Day Foundation, it is still one of the products I have bought again and again. Like I've mentioned in my previous foundation post, I don't usually wear the Stay All Day foundation when I'm at at my laptop writing my blog posts, but if I have an event, girls night or if I need to take photos, the Stila foundation will certainly be getting used.
The design of the foundation is quite unique actually, it arrives in a small brown box and inside we have a foundation brush and the foundation itself. The foundation lid flips open and a concealer and compact mirror is securely hidden on the top section of the lid. Starting with the concealer, the formula is thick and creamy and it makes a great base for your eyeshadow. I know it sounds strange but the texture is very similar to butter, it is incredibly thick but easy to blend. I love that it doesn't look cakey but it still provides strong and solid coverage.  

I ordered the shade Medium and I was amazed with the colour match, especially when I didn't even test the shade before I ordered it online! The shades are available for 16 different skin tones and I personally found it easy to colour match with my face. What do I love most about this foundation? The fact that I don't need to reapply it, I wore this foundation at 9am and after a good few hours of shopping in New York, I returned home at 5pm and it was still perfect. Sure I needed to touch up my powder and blusher but my actual skin was smooth and covered. I would like to say that even though the formula is thick, thick, thick - it does not feel like you are wearing a mask. 
So overall, if you are looking for a foundation that will last you all day - start your search with Stila. Walking around in New York for hours was a pretty big test and I have tried foundations in the past that crack and cause my skin to have breakouts so I am pretty pleased that the Stay All Day formula does not. You also get a decent amount of product in the bottle and the spatula shaped applicator is much easier to use than a pump. I actually feel like I can scrape every inch of the foundation out of the bottle, so you definitely get your money's worth! What do you think of the Stila Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer? ♥


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