Monday, 16 October 2017

cari's closet - the sequin gown ♥

Cari's Closet - Bella Sequin Gown*
There is something magical about today's blog post. I never went to prom so when I tried on this dress, I felt like I was an extra for the 10 Things I Hate About You movie. We all know I love to be ostentatious when it comes to my wardrobe and this dress certainly ticks that box. As soon as I saw it on Cari's Closet*, I was incredibly excited when it arrived at my doorstep. I was eager to find the perfect location to take the photos and luckily my local park had a beautiful area to match the glamorous style of the dress.
I think we all deserve an outfit that is extra glam and special, whether you are looking for an evening dress, prom dress or engagement dress, this particular style is incredibly edgy and glam. The back of the dress zips up securely and it certainly held me in at the right places without being tight or uncomfortable. The high neck fabric of the dress is quite loose so you don't feel claustrophobic wearing it and I love that the dress has a unique high neck design compared to a low cut or sweetheart design.   
I think the black element of the dress actually tones down the sparkle and I love the Hollywood red carpet vibe of the gown. It can be incredibly tricky to find a sequin dress that doesn't look tacky but Cari's Closet have managed to create a flawless gown. This is one of the most exciting outfits I have ever tried on and if you are looking for showstopping outfits, Cari's Closet is a perfect place to start. The back of the dress is also pretty spectacular, it has a subtle 'sweep train' (yes, I googled the different type of trains...I'm excited, okay?) that adds an extra touch of glamour to the design. 
I ordered the S-M size and it fit like a glove, the waist created an hour glass illusion and overall, I found the style incredibly flattering and fun to wear. When I first took the photos with this dress, they sadly came out blurry so I had to redo the entire day but I still wanted to include one of the photos of the back of the dress, I really love the wonderland feel of the dress and if you are slightly skeptical of wearing sequins, hopefully this dress shows you a toned down and wearable version. 
I think the classic dress shape works perfectly with the sequins and I cannot recommend Cari's Closet enough, they have an incredible range of dresses to suit your taste and I can't explain how grateful I am to wear this dress on Fairytale Kiss - I have finally found my fairy tale gown! What do you think of this dress? Are you a bold, sequin fan or do you prefer subtle fabrics? I would love to know what evening dresses you find on the website 


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