Monday, 25 September 2017

the luxe link - floral lace dress ♥

As promised, this is part two of my Luxe Link blog post. This Floral Lace Dress* is from ABS and I fell in love with the unique lace pattern. This is definitely suitable for the summer nights on holiday or you can dress this up as a winter/autumn gown. With part one of this blog post, I explain how the Luxe Link service works and I was lucky enough to review this dress as part of the service, I picked this dress because the detailing and style is classic but still stylish, I don't think this dress will go out of season anytime soon and I certainly think Prue Halliwell will approve. The fur coat is actually from Zara, I wanted to make this outfit more winter friendly, especially now that we are in the colder end of 2017.
The coat is actually last season but you can find a similar coat in Forever 21. Although this coat is only a year old, I wish I would have kept it away from the rain, the fur is slightly coarser now. Moving on to the heels, I always wear sandal heels, I am not very experimental with heels except for boots. I wanted to keep the attention on the lace dress and the black sandal heels helped me achieve this. What do you think of this dress? I would love to know what items you find on Sak's Fifth Avenue. If you are wondering how the Luxe Link service works, you can read my previous blog post. It really is a great service to use and my sister is actually planning on buying a YSL bag from New York so it is great that she has the Luxe Link option when it comes to delivery ♥


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