Tuesday, 22 August 2017

current skin favourites - august ♥

For today's post I wanted to write a short and sweet review about my current favourite beauty products. When it came to picking my favourite skin care products, I wanted to include products that have given me fast results. If you haven't caught up on the beauty side of Fairytale Kiss, then you can find my past reviews on the Skinchemist range here. I have been very lucky to try a few products from the Skinchemists range and I was really excited when the skinChemists Rose Quartz Hydrating & Illuminating Day Moisturiser* arrived at my door. I wasn't expecting this type of moisturiser so I was eager to start testing it. Like I've said previously, I am not a big fan of rose scents but the Rose Oil that I had previously used was not overbearing. When I removed the bottle from the packaging, I was relieved that the scent was not too harsh either.
I still prefer using the Advanced Caviar Day Moisturiser* on my skin because the formula simply melts into your pores but I do think the Rose Quartz day moisturiser is a pretty close runner up. I love applying the cream onto my skin before I use my Stila Colour Corrector and I quite like that the skinChemist cream is pink, I find it easier to see when I am applying it to my face and it makes a change from using my normal, white creams.

My best friend Jenny bought me the Maison Meunier Radiance Face and Body scrub for my birthday and this has been one of her favourite products for keeping her skin soft and smooth. I was so excited to finally have a jar and I was so impressed with the zesty grapefruit and coffee scent. The organic grains remove any dry or dead skin and the vitamin E and virgin coconut oil really gives your skin a boost. It can get slightly messy so I usually use the scrub in the shower.

This is definitely one of my favourite products for August because you can instantly see the results. My skin looks pretty fresh and healthy since I've been testing my new products out and I've found that they both create a beautiful, warm glow. I really love how different the coffee scrub is and it definitely took me out of my skin care comfort zone! So there we have my two current skin care favourites, I really love how they gave me instant results and they are slightly different to my usual skin care routine. If you are looking for present ideas or if you want to treat yourself, I can't recommend them enough! ♥


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