Thursday, 6 July 2017

online sale shopping ♥

I have seriously got sale shopping fever today. I spend my days scrolling through website after website and trying to avoid visiting shops as much as I possibly can. I just find it much easier to shop online and while I'm trying to save, I only really shop when there is a sale on. I used to find this sale shopping idea very hard to stick to but how many times have you purchased a dress full price then walked past it a week later while its wearing a new 50% off sticker? If you've ever walked into T K Maxx the thought of pushing through rail after rail is very tedious but I didn't know you can actually search for hundreds of sale products in one location.
I have recently been scrolling through Lovethesales. With this website, you can actually type the item in the search bar and if it is currently on sale - voila, it pops up! It makes shopping online even easier because you can find the exact item you would like. Whether you are looking for a reduced foundation or a new summer dress, the options are endless because Lovethesale feature over 600 different brands. While I have been browsing through the brands, I have certainly spotted my favourites - Karen Millen, Reiss and even ASOS. By clicking on the product, the link takes you to the exact website that is selling that item for a discounted price. I actually drifted from the fashion pages and found myself looking at the electrical section, we all know I am obsessed with Canon and I am dying to get the Canon G7 X.
I found some amazing Canon lenses and tripod equipment. I can't believe that Lovethesales can round up every sale offer for hundreds of different brands, I don't really keep track of the Curry's website so it was great to see they have a few Canon price reductions right now. Basically if you aren't in the mood for shoe shopping, you can have a scroll through TVs, hair styling tools and even interior products - hello The White Company! I have always tried to make Fairytale Kiss a purse friendly blog and although I love designer labels and expensive brands, I love finding a bargain and a reduced price alternative. Lovethesales certainly makes sale shopping easy and I even found the Karen Millen dress I was drooling over on Twitter last week. I would love to know what products you have found? Let me know what section you have been scrolling through! All dresses pictured can be found on the website ♥

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