Monday, 10 July 2017

natural beauty slimming protein powder ♥

We all know that I love using vegan beauty products, the same can be said with the food and drink I have. If I can have a vegan option, I will always choose it. When it comes to my diet, I think my body actually prefers vegan food, I always feel less bloated and I like knowing exactly what I am putting into my body. I've been trying to step up my gym routine and I was really excited when Natural Beauty Slimming contacted me, I was kindly sent a pack of the Vegan Pea Protein powder* in the flavour Chocolate Cookie. If a brand does email me about food or gym related products, I usually turn them down because I like to be very careful with what I try. After doing my research on Natural Beauty Slimming, I loved that the brand caters to vegans and people who suffer with IBS.

When the package arrived, I was amazed at how big the product was! You really only need one scoop of the product and I found it mixes with water or soya milk really well. I have been using this in my protein bottle after the gym and if I'm honest - I am so impressed with how nice this tastes. The texture of the protein powder is lovely and creamy, you really don't need much product to create a thick texture. It tastes more like a sweet milkshake than an actual protein shake and I am so happy it is vegan friendly. I haven't used many vegan protein shakes before so I love that I've had such a great experience with NBS. Not only can you use this as a protein shake but if you are craving something sweet and naughty, a glass of the protein makes a great supplement. NBS are actually running a promotion on the website and this particular protein pack is reduced to just £10! What do you think of using protein powder? Do you prefer vegan products? ♥

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