Thursday, 29 June 2017

food time - CAU ♥

Last weekend Ollie and I made our way to Blackheath to celebrate our second anniversary together. We were toying with the idea of going to London but we were looking for somewhere with a more cosier vibe without the use of trains. Fifteen minutes later, the cab whisked us away and we were already at our destination - CAU. I am usually quite hesitant when it comes to choosing resturants without researching the menu first, especially when I am not a steak fan but I trusted Ollie's pick and I was certainly not disappointed. We arrived slightly early but this meant we were able to walk around and take blog photos - I was very happy with this. You can see my outfit here.

Although the weather was not amazing when we arrived, the outdoor dining area would be perfect when the sun returns. CAU specialise in steak and if you are not a fan, the Argentinian menu do offer tasty alternatives. Luckily Ollie checked before he booked because he knows I'm really not a steak lover. For starters we ordered ham hock and manchego croquettes and salt and pepper squid. I loved that the squid actually arrived with chipotle mayo, it added a nice spice to the table! For mains, Ollie ordered a steak and for my main, I went for something slightly more lunch inspired. The Chivito was served with a fried egg, sirloin steak, bacon and Monterey Jack Cheese. Even though the toasted sandwich included steak, it tasted divine. I ordered a small pot of blue cheese sauce and trickled it inside for extra flavour - it is honestly one of the best toasted sandwiches that I've eaten in a long time! 
For dessert, we ordered churros which were served with a pot of dulce de leche - there was more than enough sauce and it made the perfect companion for a small shot of coffee. The dessert was certainly the highlight of my evening, I am usually a savoury fan but the churro's were cooked to perfection and the sprinkle of cinnamon really sparkled with the dulce de leche sauce. Overall, with the modern and clean interior and Argentinian inspired menu, I really think this gives Blackheath an updated atmosphere. When you arrive at Blackheath,  the view is simply gorgeous and its something a London restaurant can't compete with. If you are looking for quirky, modern food with a classic location, Blackheath is simply the best of both worlds - I can't recommend it enough! You can see the full website here, including the full list of restaurant locations 

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