Thursday, 18 May 2017

#tiptalk - bikini shopping ♥

I am still feeling the full effects of jet lag right now but after returning from Las Vegas, I wanted to dive in with a blog post about bikini's. In particular, my favourite string bikini's. After spending quite a few months eating healthy and going to the gym, I felt confident enough to wear a string style bikini in Las Vegas, (you can actually read my diet and fitness post here) and I thought I would share my very extra tips on how I got ready for the pool party and show you a few bikini favourites from Rosegal.

Rosegal bikini's: 1. 2. 3. 4.
Now before I begin, these tips are just my personal advice, obviously you don't have to dress this extra but I wanted to really go over the top for Vegas! My first tip is to bring a few options with you when you pack your suitcase, I packed three different bikinis and a swimsuit for the Wet Republic pool party just in case I didn't feel comfortable in my black Primark one. If you want a few options, I really love the cute bikini's from Rosegal and I love how small the string bottoms are! Besides from putting sun cream on, I also covered myself in bronzing oil, this just helps my skin look extra soft and silky, I used the Calypso Deep Tan Oil in SPF 6, which I actually lost that day... 

For hair and make-up, I really went to town. I actually used false lashes and I even back combed my hair. I pretty much did a full face of make-up and I kept reapplying this throughout the day. I really did pack on the pressed powder so luckily I didn't sweat my foundation off, even though I was standing in 30 degree heat. Again, this is a super extra routine but I felt really comfortable and I loved dressing over the top for a pool party. I wore black sandal heels and added rhinestones to the straps to create an extra bling factor but I also packed a basic pair of flip flops just in case. If you are heading to a pool party, I would definitely recommend taking any photos at the start of the day, I certainly didn't look as groomed 6 hours later! So there we have it, a few tips and tricks to feel glam and extra for your next pool party! ♥

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