Wednesday, 31 May 2017

brand spotlight - kiehl's skincare ♥

The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a highly talked about skin care product in the blogging world. This little gem has been praised time and time again for its magic ability to create dewy, healthy skin. The Chelsea Flower Show began last week and as shops began to add flowers to the doors and windows, I was instantly drawn to Kiehl's store. Decorated head to toe with flowers, I made my way around the store and I thought this would make a lovely brand spotlight post. Before I began using Kiehl's I always heard such rave reviews about the brand, the Glamour beauty pages would be filled with products from the range and the although the packaging is simple, the product inside certainly does the talking.

After doing some background research on the brand, I found out that Kiehl's was actually invented over 165 years ago. The first pharmacy store opened in New York and the natural and bespoke approach to skin care has kept them a firm favourite. I decided to invest in the Recovery Concentrate and the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream a few years ago because I wanted to take a step back with my skin routine. I think I was using too many products and my skin didn't take kindly to this. The pH factor plays a big role in the ingredients that Kiehl's use because this keeps your own pH skin level safe and this prevents any breakouts.
If you are looking to declutter your skin routine, the Kiehl's brand is a great place to start, whether you have young, teenage skin that is prone to spots or if you need a little TLC for a maturer skin type, you will definitely appreciate the products that Kiehl's provides. If you are looking for a natural and basic skin care routine, Kiehl's really is a great starting point. I think for my brand spotlight series, it is also important to mention how the brand is with customer service. This store is actually in Chelsea and as I made my way around the store, I found the staff  super friendly and if you feel slightly overwhelmed by the amount of products, they are pretty handy at giving you advice and guidance! What do you think of the product range, are you a fan of their approach to skin care? ♥


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