Friday, 28 April 2017

brand spotlight - missguided ♥

If you haven't seen my ramble on my Instagram story about the Missguided store, then you are in for a treat today. I never really understood the appeal of one of my favourite online shops opening a store in Stratford. I originally wondered why anyone would travel to Stratford when you could simply order online with free next day delivery. Oh, how wrong I was. I made my way to Stratford a few weeks ago and then I returned on Tuesday evening. I can only describe the store layout as Disneyland for shopaholics - the mannequins are dressed in fresh, funky outfits and the Unicorn Dreams vending machine is proudly displayed on the second floor. That is correct - the giant store is two levels and it covers pretty much everything, including shoes, tops, bags, jewellery and there is even a pyjama section.

The interior is a mix between bubblegum pink and a Kim K photoshoot, there is a large selection of bright lights which make the changing rooms very selfie friendly. When it comes to shopping at the Missguided store, they don't have every single thing on their website, so its best to come prepared. I am pretty much glued to the website so I am pretty familiar with the styles and items that they sell. I had been looking at the Bridal Nude Long Sleeve Plunge Embellished Maxi Dress online for quite a few weeks but I managed to find it as soon as I walked into the store.
It certainly pays to do a little research on what you are looking for and if the Stratford store doesn't have the right size, you can simply check online and order it. The only downside would be the lack of baskets, in 15 minutes I arrived, I had already grabbed over 8 items and I just had to hold everything in a messy, giant ball but it just shows how wearable and affordable the Missguided line is and how you can seriously get some shopping done! Have you visited the Missguided store before? I would love to know what you think? 


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