Wednesday, 5 April 2017

brand spotlight - dior ♥

Hi guys, I hope you are having a lovely start to the month! I am starting today's post off with another brand spotlight talk. I am really enjoying talking about my favourite brands and I think it's nice to have a chatty post once in a while. You can see my other beauty spotlight posts here - I've featured Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel and also Estée Lauder. When it comes to Dior, my first thoughts about the brand definitely lean towards the bold, rich shades and of course, Natalie Portman. For me, Natalie Portman really does capture the Dior brand. I actually remember writing a review about a Dior Addict lipstick in 2013, the shade was called Wild 646 and this was one of the first Dior products that I had ever tried and the glossy, glass like packaging has always stayed with me.

I think the packaging is very dressing table friendly and of course you don't want to invest in a product just because it sits neatly in your room but I think with Dior, I do love the 'pretty packaging' element. Unlike the classic, defined packaging that Chanel or Bobbi Brown use, Dior aren't afraid to add modern feminine detailing to the product designs. The Miss Dior perfume is a perfect example, the bow detailing on the perfume keeps the brand slightly more current and I think late teens to early twenties can appreciate the range more. I love that Dior appeals to a younger demographic and if you are looking to buy for your younger sister or friend, the perfume range is an ideal place to start. I just love that Dior keeps the shades and packaging vibrant and the lip colours always stand out for me. Recently I have been using the Dior BB Creme, it is certainly worth an individual review and with the warmer weather approaching, finding the right BB Creme is ideal for the spring season. I'll be photographing the creme this weekend. Overall, I love the fresh and modern approach that Dior beauty takes and it proves that luxury beauty brands can appeal to any age. What do you think of the Dior range? Let me know if there is a particular brand you would like me to include on my next brand spotlight post! ♥



  1. In my opinion, Dior J'adore is the best perfume of Dior collection. It has a nice pleasant smell with long lasting notes. Thanks for sharing this brand spotlight post.

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