Thursday, 2 March 2017

problo curlme ♥

Please ignore my hair colour at the moment (I really want it back to brunette so please ignore the roots), I wanted today's post to be about how I style my hair. I am certainly not an expert, I feel more confident with make-up brushes than I do using hair tools so I was really happy when the Pro Blo Group sent me the CurlMe device*. We all know I love a blow dry and unless I visit a salon, I find it pretty much impossible to blow dry my own hair. I find it very tricky to clip, style, pull, twist and dry at the same time. I have been sitting in a hair salon for hours with hundreds of barreled hair brushes or rollers stuck in my hair and I certainly don't want to spend £150 on 20 hair brushes to try and do this at home. I do not have the co-ordination or the patience to blow dry my hair so I'll be honest, I didn't have high hopes for Pro Blow purely because of how clumsy I am.

The CurlMe kit arrived a weeks ago and wow. I am so surprised and shocked. For some reason I thought the barrel would be heated, but no heat is involved (the only heat is from your own hairdryer). As I began using the brush, magic began to happen. I simply sectioned my hair, grabbed my hairdryer and the CurlMe brush and I slowly blow dried each section. As I got to the top of my roots, I pressed the brush button and the brush barrel became separated. I repeated this process throughout my hair and I clipped each section. I let my hair dry naturally for 20 minutes and I also used the hairdryer over the clips. Finally, I slowly removed each clip and backcombed each section, then voila! I had big hair with subtle curls and no hair kinks! I am still really surprised how easy it was to use the brush, it saves you having to buy countless brushes! If you are looking for big hair, the CurlMe kit is certainly worth trying. I am loving my hair routine now and I've learnt that taking your time and practicing is a big help. What tips do you have for creating volume? You can see my full video tutorial on my Instagram page! 

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