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netflix - the kids playlist ♥

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It is time for another Netflix post! This week I wanted to talk about a kid friendly Netflix playlist - when I say a film/TV list suitable for children, I also mean me. I was going to write a Buffy episode guide but to make things easier for Netflix users, (sadly Netflix removed Buffy from their TV list), I will stick to a kids playlist for this Sunday. I have put together quite a few Netflix playlists, including superhero films, thrillers, musicals, feel good shows and even a tearjerker list. Let me know if you are looking for a particular genre, I love putting this Netflix post together! You can see my previous Netflix posts here. Let's get started! 
I saw this in the cinema a few years ago and although it got mixed reviews, I really loved the concept behind the story line. The whole 'have courage and be kind' theme runs throughout the film and I find it really sweet and it created a feel good vibe. I also think the costume design for the film is pretty incredible too. Of course nothing beats the animated movie but I think this is very good to watch on a Sunday afternoon. This has just been added to Netflix so I'm pretty pleased that they still add recent(ish) films from the cinema. 
Kung Fu Panda 2
I saw the screening for Kung Fu Panda 3 last year and that was the first time I had seen any of the films. I have since watched the entire franchise and I think Kung Fu Panda has a special place in my DVD collection. I usually watch animated movies from the 90's purely because I grew up with them but Kung Fu Panda manages to add charm and humour that even I don't find boring. The second film begins with Po adjusting to life with his new kung fu skills, a new enemy appears and threatens to destroy Kung fu and take over China so Po and the gang are set to rescue the day.
The Swan Princess
If you have never seen The Swan Princess, you are certainly in for a treat. The movie is like a diet version of a classic Disney film and although it isn't praised as high, I really find the plot catchy, entertaining and charming. Starting with a plot full of cliches; Odette and Derek are set to be married when they grow up. They suddenly fall in love after growing up hating each other but just before they get their happy ending, Odette is kidnapped and cursed...she turns into a swan from time to time - odd I know. Derek must find her and prove his love to the whole world (or just his cramped kingdom ball room) and save the day from the villian, Rothbart. 
I think this film is perfect for putting you in a good mood and it has humour that all ages can appreciate, from young kids to adults. A selection of zoo animals escape from New York but they are captured and sent to a wildlife park. The ship carrying them gets hijacked by a group of penguins and the main animals find themselves in Madagascar. It's quite funny seeing the animals adjust from zoo life to the wild surroundings and it has a pretty good soundtrack.

Shrek 2
How can I not include Shrek 2 in this playlist? I am obsessed with Eddie Murphy and I love that he reprises his role as Donkey in this sequel. Usually it can be 50/50 when a sequel is on the table but I think I actually prefer the sequel to the original Shrek movie! Shrek and Fiona return from their honeymoon but Shrek is finally invited to meet Fiona's parents. The plot really begins when the king hires an assassin to kill Shrek. It is funny, witty and pretty much entertaining from start to finish.

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  1. Haha, love these playlists! Could be handy for when I have my nieces and nephews round at my house.

    Sharon x | That Stargazy Vegan


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