Friday, 24 March 2017

food time - hutong ♥

Hi guys, I hope you are enjoying your week. I am diving right into today's post with a food review on one of my favourite restaurants. I really want to include more lifestyle reviews on Fairytale Kiss, especially food and I think Hutong is a perfect place to start. I wanted to start with my outfit rather than the resturant itself. I find it quite tricky dressing for meals during the daytime but I fell in love with this Reiss jumpsuit and I thought it would make a perfect outfit for a lunch. The dress code for Hutong is smart/casual so wearing shorts or trainers is a no-no. I paired the jumpsuit with my gold Zara sandal heels and my giant fur coat - I looked slightly like one of the mob wives from VH1 but I really liked the outfit because I still felt dressy but not too out of place.
Located in The Shard, one of London's tallest buildings, Hutong sits on the 33rd floor and serves Chinese dishes. I've actually been to Hutong twice, so I thought it would be a nice idea to combine both of my experiences in this review. I visited Hutong a few weeks ago with Ollie and his family and we had a private dining room and for the first visit to Hutong, Ollie and I were seated in the main area right by the window, overlooking London. Hutong is pretty much the definition of luxury, it is a beautiful atmohpshere that really makes you feel wined and dined. If you are looking for something glamorous with real, authentic food - you've definitely found the right place. 

For both visits, I have had the crispy duck and pancakes and a few extra dishes - the portion sizes are more than enough. Usually with higher end resturants, I find the portion sizes are never quite big enough but Hutong certainly make up for this. Although the menu is not on the cheap side, the difference is astounding. The duck is cut and prepared right next to your table and it really does melt in your mouth. I have never had duck quite like it and I have yet to find anything taste as good. I really recomend the signature dish, the Red Lantern Crispy Soft Shell Crab, it is full of taste and the spices add a fresh kick. For the cocktail the menu, the cocktails range from £12.00 to £16.00, of course I had to try the Imperial Jade cocktail. It is a mixture of tequla, apple juice and green plum syrup - definitely a twist for my usual cocktail choices!Overall, I can't praise Hutong enough. The staff are incredibly friendly and attentive and they are constantly close by if you need them to grab you extra drinks. Not only is the food exquisite but the views of London during the day and especially the night time, really make you appreciate the London atmosphere. For my first visit to Hutong, the man sitting at the table next to us got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend so it certainly gives you an indication of how beautiful and special the Hutong restaurant is. It certainly has a menu that complements the gorgeous window views. Have you visited Hutong before? I would love to know what you think of the food and cocktail menu! ♥



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