Friday, 13 January 2017

the aer blow dry bar ♥

Nestled in the heart of Kensington is the aer blowdry bar*. I kindly invited down to the salon to review a blow dry service and I couldn't wait to see the final outcome! I'm making it my mission for 2017 to learn how to blow dry my own hair, I am absolutely awful at doing my own so I was curious to see what tips I could learn from the aer team. When I arrived I was immediately offered a drink and my coat was taken. Straight away I was in awe of the interior, the whole layout is crisp, white and decorated with fairy lights - pretty festive right? I was taken to the back room and my hair was washed and gently massaged and then after my hair was wrapped in a towel, I was taken to one of the blow dry tables and I was asked by the lovely Valextino what style of blowdry I wanted. There were quite a few options to choose from, including natural, boohoo style waves or a lovely sleek and straight style. Luckily I came prepared and showed Valextino a picture of Angelina Jolie showing off a big and bouncy blow dry.

My hair is painfully thin so I love seeing my hair big with subtle waves. Valextino began to roughly blow dry my hair and he then began to take sections and gently dry with the hairdryer and put into velcro rollers, before pinning them into place. This process was repeated throughout my entire head then my hair was left to cool for a few minutes. The rollers were removed from my hair and then gently curled using GHD curling tongs to emphasise the natural wave. I can't believe how quickly the whole process was! My appointment was at 1 o'clock and I left the salon a few minutes before 2. Overall, I was so pleased with my experience at aer, the team were incredibly friendly and I love that you can get a fresh blow dry before a night out. Not only can you have your hair styled but you can also treat your nails, lashes and skin. To find out more about aer, you can book your appointment here 

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