Tuesday, 6 December 2016

#tiptalk - make-up and money ♥

For today's post I wanted to talk about money and make-up. In particular, my money saving tips for make-up and what products I think are worth splurging on and what cheaper products I don't mind using. I'm sure not all of you will agree with my list but hopefully some of these points will help someone when it comes to saving money, especially when we are juggling Christmas shopping for everyone else too! 

I remember one of my old friends at secondary school telling me that foundation is the one product that you should always spend money on. I never really understood why but after years of jumping from foundation to foundation I have certainly learnt the difference between a £1 foundation compared to a £35 foundation and definitely how to make the most of both. Although it sounds straight forward, I do believe you can find lovely foundations without having to spend a fortune. 

When it comes to buying my foundation I usually wait until Maybelline is on offer at Superdrug and I will also buy the Maybelline Falsies Push Up mascara too. You certainly save a bit more and you can always stock up on other products from the range. My biggest tip for saving money on foundation is to have two different types. I have a work foundation which is slightly cheaper and I use this everyday when I am heading to my office. The NYC Skin Matching Luminizer Foundation is ideal for £3 but the coverage is still lovely and it lasts me for months. I think the range may be discontinued in a few shops but I bought this earlier in the year. For nights out and events I use my Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer and the MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation. They are slightly more expensive than the NYC foundation but I only use MAC and Stila 20% out of the week. It has definitely made a difference to my foundation spending and I could not imagine now having my Stila foundation, it is certainly one of my favourite brands! 

Boots and Superdrug points 
Last month I made a blog post about being organised, this began with remembering my points cards. I usually buy my lunch from Boots everyday so I am definitely seeing the benefits of using a points card. I earned £17 worth of points on my card and I was able to buy a new foundation, mascara and a powder this weekend and I was also able to earn more points simply because I remembered to check my purse for my cards before popping into Boots and Superdrug! 

Finding dupes online or on the high street is a beautiful thing. Sure, a few dupes that I have bought maybe don't match up to the quality or pigmentation but the colour matches can be pretty similar. Primark is pretty much the queen at selling good quality make-up dupes, I actually bought the oval brush dupes for £6.50 instead of spending £50 to £280 on the actual brush brand, Artis. Just because I'll buy a cheaper version of a product doesn't mean I won't maybe buy the original product in the future but when it comes to saving money, dupes certainly help. What do you think of this post, I hope it is slightly helpful! I would love to know what make-up saving tips you have! 


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  3. Love this post - I'm currently on a serious spending ban and trying to cut down on how much I spend on make up so I will defo be checking out your recommendations!

    Ruth // www.ruth-writes.co.uk


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