Thursday, 8 December 2016

body confidence and stress at christmas ♥

For today's post I wanted to confess that usually around this time of year I start to over relax and I end up eating the Christmas tree and also my mums entire fridge. I don't know why but as soon as December hits, my winter body pops up and I cannot stop eating junk food. Although I have been trying to eat healthy and also visit the gym, I still seem to be snacking and snacking and if you didn't know from my Twitter or Instagram, I will be flying out to Australia for 2 weeks on the 17th. The thought of being in a swimsuit while being in winter mode is quite scary but surprisingly I'm quite relaxed. I was sent the Christmas edition of Sarah Knight's book The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*** from the lovely Quercus team and since reading it in early August, my attitude has really started to change. 

I am no longer worrying about fitting into that Victoria Secret's bikini or how perfect my selfies are. We are bombarded daily with perfectly airbrushed photos whether we are on the Daily Mail, Instagram or Twitter and it can be really draining looking but I am looking past all of this and I am just excited to relax and enjoy Australia. Life is far too short to spend your time worrying and I certainly don't want to miss out enjoying the little moments simply because I ate a three mince pie's for breakfast. I hope you can relate to my ramble, I definitely recommend you pick up a copy of Sarah Knight's book, she covers everything, from wedding day stress to conference calls at work. It definitely reminds you about what is important in life and not to worry about things you can't control and to enjoy Christmas with your family and friends ♥

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