Saturday, 3 December 2016

astral original ♥

The winter weather is dramatically affecting my skin so I need to switch up my skin care routine. When Astral* contacted me, I was very curious to see whether I could use the moisturiser as an actual face primer before I applied my foundation and as a face mask before I got into bed. If you haven't heard of Astral, the brand has been around for almost 64 years, my nan and mum both used the moisturiser growing up. There are so many uses for Astral and we all know I love products that have more than one use.The packaging is pretty sturdy and the size is really handbag friendly, I have been keeping it in my bag for the past few weeks and I love that you don't have to worry about anything leaking or damaging any other make-up products that are also floating in your bag. 

I was curious to see if the 50ml would be enough to apply to my face and dry areas (my elbows and hands are very dry right now!) but I only needed a small amount because the moisturiser is really easy to blend into your skin and the coverage is very thick. I am loving the thick formula and it is definitely a must have against the horrible British weather. After cleansing my face, I have been gently applying Astral on my face and neck and really blending it into my skin. I have found that my foundation glides on much easier and it doesn't look patchy whatsoever. I really wasn't expecting the formula to work as a primer! If you are looking for a multipurpose moisturiser without a hefty price tag, (hello Superdrug are selling it for a £1 right now!), Astral may be the perfect choice for you. What winter skin tips do you have? Are you a big fan of thick moisturisers? Let me know! You can find the range on the website or at Superdrug ♥ 


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