Sunday, 20 November 2016

primark ps pro oval brushes ♥

If you spend hours watching beauty videos on IG and Youtube like me, then you will know all about the Artis brushes. I have seen them everywhere and I am super late to the party but I finally found an affordable dupe version from Primark! They can be pretty pricey so I was very happy when I found the two brushes in London a few weeks ago. Oval brushes are everywhere and the unique way of blending in foundation and contour has really been popular so I wanted to see if the Primark range would live up to the high-results. The original brushes are roughly £50-£280 each so you can imagine how excited I was to find the two Primark dupe brushes for £4.00 and £2.50 each. Packaging wise, Primark never really do back flips about their packaging but if you spend £2.50 on a make-up brush, I don't think you should expect YSL gold foil boxes. When it came to actually feeling the bristles, I was incredibly impressed. I haven't felt the £50 oval brushes but I was really surprised how soft and stable the Primark bristles felt. 

As I applied foundation to my face, I began using the larger, oval foundation brush to gently buff my foundation. I do think it's important that you use a primer or moisturiser before trying to blend your foundation in because the bristles felt quite dry on my skin so adding a drop of oil (like the IG videos) and also adding moisturiser on my skin really made a difference for blending my make-up in. For the smaller concealer brush I was impressed with the size because I could really blend my light contour under my eye area, because the handles are plastic I was quite cautious not to apply too much pressure onto the brushes too. Overall, I am very happy with the brushes, no they don't have a snazzy rose gold design but the bristles certainly blend your make-up very well but oil or moisturiser is needed too. I am definitely giving my normal foundation brush a break now! Have you tried the Primark PS Pro Oval brushes before? Let me know what you think of the oval brush trend! 


  1. I love these brushes! I own all three and think theyre wonderful!
    Summer xx

  2. I have one of these and love it, in fact I really need to clean it as it's been sitting waiting for me to do so for far too long and I miss using it. I actually picked up a set of three in their newer rose gold colouring. I'm looking forward to trying the smaller size for concealer.

    Victoria x


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