Tuesday, 1 November 2016

lush - oxford street ♥

After I finished my first day at MCM Comic Con, I made my way down to Lush on Oxford Street. My best friend Harri is a massive Lush fan so she was really eager to get down there. As a vegan, Harri has to be pretty careful with what skin products she uses, it was really lovely to see how huge the Lush range is and how many options were available to her. As we entered the Lush store, I instantly ran to the cosmetic section, I have been a big lover of the Lush lipsticks for a while now, you can read my review here. So instead of just looking at cosmetics, I was on the hunt for a face mask to control my oily skin. We made our way downstairs and after using a facial serum bar as a soap...I was guided by the lovely Lush staff to find the right products for me and how to use them correctly... 

Believe it or not, I am still quite a Lush skin care newbie, I haven't tried many of their skin care products so I was curious to see what would suit me. After giving a detailed description of my skin situation, I was recommended the Herbalism Fresh Cleanser and the Cosmetic Warrior face mask to target my oily skin. I was really impressed with how helpful and friendly the Lush staff were, they were not in a hurry to leave me and they totally knew the product benefits inside out. If you are not too sure about what skin care products will suit you, I definitely recommend popping into your local lush store. You can see the full list of products on the Lush website. What do you think of Lush? Have a lovely day girls! ♥


  1. Everything looks amazing! I always hear SUCH good things about Lush but it seems quite intimidating to go into the store. There is always so much to choose from!

    1. There is quite a lot to pick from but I found the staff so lovely! The spent ages chatting with me! :) xx


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