Wednesday, 30 November 2016

lash extensions at reveal salon ♥

Hi girls, I am really excited to talk about today's review. The lovely Yasmin contacted me last week and asked me whether I was interested in reviewing her lash extension treatment*. I was hesitant at first because 1. my eyes are incredibly sensitive and they flutter like crazy and 2. I had a bad experience getting my lashes done at a previous salon. I definitely believe in trying things again and it is safe to say I didn't regret saying yes to seeing Yasmin. Located in the heart of Farringdon, the Reveal salon is a simple five minute walk from the station. As I walked up to the salon door I instantly saw the clear, silver name 'Reveal' on the wall and I was pretty impressed that I hadn't got lost. After walking into the salon, I was greeted with a big smile from Yasmin, we instantly clicked and when it came to setting up my lash extension session, she made me feel relaxed and calm - despite my eyes fluttering 1000mph.

For salon visits, the beautician plays a big role for me - I think we all want to visit a salon to unwind, not just to have a beauty treatment. I definitely like to have time to switch off and just feel pampered at the same time, although this sounds simple enough, I have had many treatments where I just can't relax but Yasmin certainly made me feel right at home. She first asked me what lash style I wanted, I instantly regretted not having a photo on my phone but as soon as I said Kim Kardashian, she instantly knew the look I wanted, I definitely recommend taking lash photo's with you before your appointment, it really makes things easier for your beautician. I made sure all my eye make-up was off and I sat back on the beauty bed and let Yasmin start her magic. The treatment lasted for about 1 hour and 30 minutes and with gentle, spa music playing in the background I really did get time to sit back and relax.

Yasmin began gluing the individual lashes to my eyes, after securing my lashes with tape. What I loved about Yasmin was her attention to detail, she is quite the perfectionist and she made sure both of my eyelashes looked even and that the lashes opened up my eyes. It really did feel like a personal consultation and she took the time to find out what my personal beauty style is like. After she had added the lashes, we waited for them to dry and I headed home with an aftercare kit packed with tips and tricks. The aftercare information is pretty important, especially when it comes to the first 48 hours. I was told to keep my lashes dry and to avoid standing outside in the cold weather for too long. It is day seven with my lashes and I am completely in love, I feel confident and I love waking up with long lashes, it is lovely skipping mascara for a change! They don't feel heavy or uncomfortable and they still look fluttery a week later! You can get £20 off a full set of individual lashes from Yasmin by typing in 'fairytalekiss' on Yasmin's booking page. Let me know if you have any questions about wearing the lashes! ♥ 

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