Monday, 21 November 2016

jewlr necklace ♥

A few weeks ago, I attended the Jewlr event in London. After being greeted with canapes and prosecco, I was taken around the room and shown the different collections, you can see the full post here. I was lucky enough to have the name necklace* delivered to my house and straight away I felt like Carrie Bradshaw! If you are looking for a specific look with your jewellery, Jewlr may be the perfect brand for you. With Jewlr you can personalise the jewellery that you want so I was really excited to choose the font style for my necklace and whether I wanted any charms added. I wanted to keep the design classic and simple, very similar to Carrie Bradshaw's necklace from Sex and the City. Even though my necklace was custom made, I was really surprised how quickly it arrived to my house! 

When I opened the box I was impressed how delicate and expensive the chain looked, I had a similar necklace a few years ago and the quality really doesn't match the Jewlr design! The necklace is 9K yellow gold but you can choose exactly the style and look of your necklace, whether you would prefer silver or a completely different carrot. If you are looking for jewellery that gives you complete freedom, I definitely recommend visiting Jewlr's website, the personalised options are endless - from rings and even bracelet engravings. Let me know what pieces you find on the website, they are currently offering 70% off certain jewellery with the Black Friday discount! 


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