Monday, 7 November 2016

dr.bronner's magic - peppermint ♥

This winter I am making sure that I keep my skin, hair and body feeling healthy and pampered. I think it is so important to not let the winter season harm your skin and hair and finding the right product to help you may be tricky. I want to make sure I am using products that are beneficial so I was really excited when a Dr. Bronner package arrived at the weekend. The Dr. Bronner brand is originally know for the iconic Magic Soaps, the company uses environmentally friendly ingredients and it has kept true to this since 1948 when the brand first began. I was kindly sent the Dr. Bronner Organic Style Creme* and the Dr. Bronner's Organic Lip Balm* in the Peppermint flavour. I absolutely loved the unique packaging, straight away I was reading the little sections of text on the style creme bottle and I think it's great that you know exactly what you are getting. When I smelt both of the products, I was really surprised that the scent wasn't too overpowering. I'm not usually a peppermint fan but it really wasn't strong, it just smelt fresh and clean! I tried the styling creme after I washed my hair last night and I am loving how soft my hair feels today.

It wasn't a sticky formula and I found that the product was easy to pump out with the applicator. For the lip balm, I can't get enough of small balms, I think they look so cute! Product wise, again, the scent wasn't too over powering so don't let the peppermint scent put you off! I really did find that my lips were hydrated without them feeling too product heavy. My boyfriend has already jumped at the chance to try the lip balm, it is definitely a male friendly scent too! Overall, I am really impressed that the products feel light weight and well...natural! I am also surprised I like the smell because I usually struggle with peppermint scents! I definitely recommend the creme if your hair needs a bit of TLC from this horrible weather. Have you tried any of the Dr. Bronner range before? Let me know what you think! ♥

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