Thursday, 24 November 2016

crazy bear hotel - stadhampton ♥

If you've been following me on Instagram for a while, then you may remember that I visited Crazy Bear in Stadhampton in early May, near my birthday. My boyfriend decided to book Crazy Bear for one of my birthday presents and he drove us up to Stadhampton to relax. Last week my sister visited Crazy Bear too and while asking me questions about the hotel it dawned on me that this might be a helpful blog post for anyone thinking about visiting. For some background information about Crazy Bear, the brand was created in 1993 and they have two different hotels, one in Stadhampton and one in Beaconsfield. They also have a bar and a restaurant in Fitzrovia, but this isn't a hotel. If you are struggling to decide between Stadhampton and Beaconsfield, Stadhampton is more country based, it is located near quiet fields but it is only a 20 minute drive from Bicestor shopping village. The Beaconsfield hotel has a city inspired theme throughout the rooms and decor and it also includes an outdoor heated swimming pool. 

When Ollie and I arrived at Stadhampton (which was a really easy and relaxing journey to get to from South London) we were taken to the reception area...a giant, double decker bus. The inside was decked out with velvet and we were greeted with a gold bottle of champagne and taken to our room. Now, when I say room...I mean a giant house. Compared to a regular hotel, you would expect the layout to be a generic aisle of doors but our suite looked similar to a lavish mansion. We were taken inside a large cottage style house and taken to a faux snake print door. I don't think I was really prepared to see the suite, I had looked at photo's before we arrived and they certainly didn't do the room justice. The ceiling was quilted with soft cream, padded wall panels and the floor was decked in a shiny leather fabric. When I stopped gazing at the ceiling and walls, I was instantly drawn to the enormous bath at the end of the white double bed. 

The host gave us a detailed tour of the room and the features, including how to use the bath and how to change the bath to a jacuzzi setting, the most unique feature was the water pouring from the ceiling! In total we had a bath at the end of the double bed, a sofa, wardrobe, drawers and a private bathroom, located at the back of the room. There was certainly enough space to store your clothes and the TV was perfectly positioned above the bath. Ollie and I relaxed and unpacked and we began to get ready for dinner, we had booked the Crazy Bear Thai restaurant and we were certainly in for a treat. Once we had got ready, we took a five minute walk through the beautiful terrace (this included lavish water features and fresh, green plants) then we walked through a cosy bar and made our way to the Thai restuarant section. The walls were decorated in a warm, orange suede fabric and white masks were placed within the suede material. The tables were created using large, gold plates and we had plenty of room to get comfortable. In total we had twelve dishes, they were brought out quickly and my gin and tonic was forever being topped up, (woops!). The atmosphere and food was incredible, I have said the same sentence over and over again since we left: 'The Thai restaurant is probably one of my top three meals that I have ever eaten in my life.' I cannot express how amazing the food was and although this list is slightly different, our 12 dishes consisted of:

  • Crispy seaweed
  • Steamed edamame, Japanese chilli powder and rock salt
  • Shrimp crackers, sweet chilli dipping sauce
  • Grade A Argentinian Wagyu beef tartar, mini taco shells and wasabi
  • Modern style seabass sashimi, ponzu sauce
  • Roasted mandarin cherry valley duck
  • Honey roasted loin of Gloucestershire old spot pork
  • Crispy belly of Gloucestershire Old Spot Pork served on baicai, pickled ginger and premium soy chilli dipping sauce
  • Lobster pad thai noodles
  • Wok fried aubergine, black bean sauce
  • Steamed jasmine rice
  • Chilli and valrhona chocolate torte, tonka bean ice cream (At the time we visited the hotel, we had rhubarb cheesecake)
The next morning we checked out around 11.00am and we made our way to Bicester and we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping, this is definitely a good option to make the most of your stay at Crazy Bear in Stadhampton. Overall my thoughts about Crazy Bear could not be better, it is one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in and I felt completely pampered my entire stay. The staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere was very relaxing and peaceful. It is definitely worth the hype! I would love to know if you have visited Crazy Bear before, what did you think? You can find out more about the hotels here ♥

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