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#bookclub - my favourite crime books ♥

So as I mentioned last week, I do want to mix up the content on Fairytale Kiss, I really want to share more film and book reviews so for today's post I wanted to focus on my favourite books. With the exception of Gone Girl, the majority of my picks are based on true crime. I have been interested in true crime for as long as I can remember, although the topic is not very cheery, I find the psychological aspect fascinating and I have read about quite a few cases. It is quite amazing seeing how the police force can catch a killer because of DNA testing especially when you compare the old investigating methods for the 1970's and earlier. After reading the first few pages of these particular books, I really did struggle to put them down. I think that's what I classify as a good book, something that you can't stop reading. I hope you like my list and let me know what your favourite crime books are! 

The Stranger Beside Me - 1980, Ann Rule
Without a doubt, this is my favourite book of all time. I have read this book about four times and I am currently on my fifth re-read! Ann Rule certainly had a way with words and without revealing too much of the plot, this is a non-fiction based book. It is based on the serial killer Ted Bundy and Ann reveals the case and her close relationship with Ted. She actually worked alongside him while they both saved lives at a suicide prevention call clinic in the early 70's. During the 1970's, there were a number of girls disappearing and Ann Rule reveals the troubling task that the police went through trying to find out who was responsible for the abduction and murders. It is incredibly rare for a crime writer to actually know a serial killer and it really is gripping to read the history of Ted Bundy and how he finally pays for his horrific crimes. It is completely different reading a book about crime knowing that the murders really happened and they aren't created from imagination. This book will definitely keep you on your toes and you are taken back to the 1970's where the nightmare began.    

Face to Face with Evil: Conversations with Ian Brady - 2010, Dr. Chris Crowley
Slightly similar to the Christopher Berry-Dee collection, Dr. Chris Crowley looks at how serial killers think and after spending six years building a relationship with British child killer, Ian Brady, he believes it is incredibly important to learn the reason why someone commits a crime so you can take a step forward to preventing future crimes occurring. If you are interested in the psychological aspect of criminology, this book really does nail the topic on the head.  

Gone Girl - 2012, Gillian Flynn
Okay so while I am currently reading The Stranger Beside Me again, I am also reading Gone Girl at the same time. Is that strange that I switch between two books? Anyway, I want to write my first impression of Gone Girl because I haven't watched the film and I haven't completely finished the whole book yet. From reading a few reviews and speaking to my friends, I know that the plot has a big twist but from the first few chapters, I am really entranced by the words and the unique structure of the book. Gillian Flynn certainly has a brilliant way of creating a clear picture in your mind and I love that the story is split from Nick Dunne's perspective, a husband who sounds completely miserable married and Amy Dunne, his wife who is introduced to the plot by her diary - the diary entry reveals how she first met Nick and fell in love with him. I have to admit that I am not usually the biggest fan of the fiction category but I have been totally glued to reading Gone Girl. I definitely recommend if you want to read a story from two totally different perspectives.

If you are interested in reading a variety of different cases, Christopher Berry-Dee has interviewed countless criminals and he has put detailed cases in this book. I think I read the entire book in two days, I just couldn't put it down! It really does give you a range of different interviews and you get to learn their backstory and what lead to their horrendous crimes. It is definitely an interesting read, especially if you are looking for a selection of cases throughout history. The interviews were transcribed from his encounters with the killers and you are shown a shocking insight into the mind of a criminal.

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