Monday, 3 October 2016

norvell spray tan ♥

I 100% feel my best when I am tanned. A summer glow just adds warmth to my complexion and I really think fake tanning is the ultimate pick me up. I was recently invited down to the Cucumba salon near Oxford Circus to experience a Norvell spray tan* and I have been bombarded with lovely complements about my tan ever since! As I made my way to the Cucumba salon on Portland Street, I was instantly impressed with the fresh and spacious interior. With two floors, I was taken downstairs and the prep work for the Norvell spray tan began. After the barrier cream was applied to my nails and hands the Norvell spray tan solution was emptied into the spray gun and a fine mist was applied to my body. Quick and easy, the spray tan was completed in a few minutes.

With all spray tans, I definitely suggest wearing loose clothing and skipping any face make-up although I was wearing a small amount of concealer and the Norvell formula still managed to give my skin an even glow. After protecting my bed sheets with a towel, I went to bed and the following morning I quickly jumped into the shower and I gently patted my skin dry. After looking in the mirror, I instantly saw the results, the formula looked even and bronzed without a strong tanning smell! I cannot fault the Norvell spray tan at all, I am so amazed at the lovely bronzed colour and if you are looking for an Autumn pick me up, look no further! What do you think of spray tans? I will also be posting a review of the Norvell tanning products next week so keep your eyes on my Instagram and Twitter for updates. Have a lovely afternoon girls 

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