Monday, 31 October 2016

mcm comic con 2016 ♥

On Saturday and Sunday I travelled to London Excel to attend MCM Comic Con. If you do follow me on Instagram, Twitter and read my blog often then you will know that I am a huge comic nerd. I am obsessed with Batman, X-Men, Buffy and pretty much anything superhero related. I attended MCM Comic Con last year and although I have already been, it is definitely a yearly event for me. I love the friendly and welcoming atmosphere and the chance to see hundreds of stands with different products. I actually dressed up as Buffy this year and I was incredibly happy with my outfit, if you want to find out how I put my Buffy outfit together, leave me a comment! My highlights of the weekend included the beautiful paintings and the handmade jewellery. If you are on the fence about attending MCM next year I do think you will find something for you. There is also a PopAsia section which sells Japanese food, anime films and comics - you name it! 

I really loved this section because you get to experience something different and the food was divine. My top tips would be to wear comfy shoes, you get through a lot of walking! I brought a rucksack to keep a bottle of water in and on the second day, I made sure I brought cash with me before I entered Excel. There are ATM machines available but the queues were quite long. I also made a mental list of what I wanted, I knew I wanted to buy a few graphic novels and also some t-shirts so I had a good look around to make sure I was happy with what I found. You could see the same t-shirt on a different stand for a few pounds cheaper so it definitely helps to pay attention before you buy something. I honestly had such a great weekend and I am already planning my costume for next year! Have you been to MCM before? What did you think? You can find the full details of the show here.

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