Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 new year resolutions ♥

I spent my New Year's Eve with a takeaway and playing the game, Cards Against Humanity with the boyfriend and his family. 2015 was such an amazing year, I finally got my dream job as a journalist, I finally passed my driving test and I also created so many memories with Ollie. I hope 2016 is just as eventful, I already have New York booked for early April which I am super excited about, I have never travelled to New York before so I really can't wait to go. Hopefully this year I will buy my first car, my dream car would be a Beetle but I think the more realistic option would be a Peugeot. I have done the resolution posts for quite a few years now and I know they are not to everyone's liking but I love looking back at what has changed and what I have achieved. I feel like I've taken a step back from blogging so for 2016, I really want to get back to posting! My main goal is to really save and to budget myself, starting with making healthy food for work and not spending £25 a month on getting acrylic nails! I really want to become a stronger writer for Scratch magazine, I am still pinching myself that I finally became a journalist! What New Year goals have you created for yourself this year? Did you manage to stick to your 2015 goals? ♥

2015 New Year Resolutions:
Pass my driving test
Be happy
♥ Spend more time reading
♥ Starting making Youtube videos
♥ Buy a car
Take more risks and step out of my comfort zone
Have a toned stomach ready for summer!
Go to Italy
Save £200 a month for a rainy day
Make healthy meals for work
♥ Cut down on eating at restaurants 
Go to yoga classes
♥ Go swimming classes
♥ Reach 2,500 followers on Fairytale Kiss

2016 New Year Resolutions:
♥ Buy a car
♥ Find a balance with my blog, schedule photos and posts every weekend
♥ Spend more time reading
♥ Starting making Youtube videos
♥ Start saving to move out
♥ Drink 5 glasses of water a day and cut out salt and sugar 
♥ Keep my stomach toned
♥ Go to New York, Paris and Miami 
♥ Buy a Louis Vuitton bag 
♥ Stop buying clothes that I don't need!
♥ Cut down on eating at restaurants 
♥ Go jogging in the evenings
♥ Reach 2,500 followers on Fairytale Kiss


  1. You achieved an awful lot of your goals for last year. Great job! I hope you reach all of your goals for 2016 :)

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