Thursday, 9 April 2015

to wish impossible things ♥

Today it officially feels like spring, I am loving the sunshine and I am now reaching for some new spring shades! Bourjois will be launching a new range called La Laque*, Which means they give your nails shine, colour and durability. We all know my pet hate is doing my nails, I am simply awful but I love using Bourjois shades, there is something so easy and simple about their formula. You don't need to be a trained nail tech to use their shades - they really do what they say on the tin. The four shades I have been trying out over the past few weeks are called 1. White Spirit 3. Orange Outrant 5. Are You Reddy? and 12. Ni Vernis Bleu. The La Laque range pretty much covers all your spring needs this season - whether you love coral peach shades or deep turquoise - you will find a shade from Bourjois. I found that the application was really easy and it dried really quickly even if I applied it slightly thick. My favourite shade has to be White Spirit - for me, spring is all about fresh colours and you can't get any fresher than a crisp white! There will be 12 different shades coming out in May so keep your eyes peeled in Boots and Superdrug ;) What is your favourite shade for spring? 


  1. These shades are really pretty! I love that orange colour. Beautiful!

  2. Wow these are super pretty shades for the spring/summer x

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