Monday, 29 September 2014

the eyes have it ♥

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I think I need to accept that summer has left us, I need to hide my sandals and buy a nice pair of winter boots. I have to admit, the cold does not make me happy but after seeing the new collections arriving in the fashion and beauty world, I am pleasantly surprised. I love that khaki colours will be playing a big part in our autumn wardrobes this year! I've put together a wish list for all the new clothes I've spotted, I've also mixed in new jewellery and make-up that is winter friendly. I've pretty much put together my autumn/winter essentials - including this gorgeous candle from Neal & Wolf and my Joker mug for quality hot chocolate time ;) I will be putting together a post purely focusing on autumn make-up but for today I wanted an overall look at my autumn favourites which are pretty much Max Factor and Bourjois! Deep plum lip shades are always a popular shade for autumn so I can't wait to see what new ranges will be released this year! What is your favourite item on here? Is there anything you have put on your wish list recently? Due to being hospital bound, my sister will be helping out with blog posts ♥


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