Thursday, 20 March 2014

she's come undone ♥

This is just a short and sweet post about these two pretty necklaces that I picked up from Primark recently, I have completely forgotten the price of them but I think they were less than £9 each. I am a very big fan of necklaces because I think they really change an outfit, I decided to go for these necklaces purely because they are both very different. The tribal looking necklace is ideal for creating a more edgy feel to your look but the pink one is great for adding pretty and girly glamour. I absolutely love these necklaces and I can't believe how cheap they were! The chains of the necklaces are quite sturdy so they will last quite a while. Have you seen these necklaces in Primark before? Let me know if you have any necklaces at the moment that you can't stop wearing! I will be doing a longer post which includes a full look at my jewellery, you'll be able to see my full obsession with necklaces! 

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