Wednesday, 19 March 2014

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The past few weeks I have been really into shampoos – whether they are for volume or shine, I’m really obsessed with them at the moment! I never used to be that interested in shampoos but I found that after investing in some good brands, you can really notice a difference in your hair! Around January time, Boots were selling this Christmas gift set from Mark Hill. The set includes a Shine Enhancing shampoo, Highlight Reflecting conditioner, Anti-Humidity shine spray and hairspray. The entire set is designed for brunette hair, it helps add shine and richness without actually colouring it. Now although this is a limited edition gift set which I got in the sale for £5, I still wanted to talk about the Mark Hill take on brunette hair care. I think these products are amazing, they smell gorgeous and they do add a lovely shine to your hair. 

I thought the formula of the shampoo was quite thin and runny but it actually lathered up really well and smelt incredible. The conditioner was lovely and thick so I managed to spread an even amount in my hair. My hair can be incredibly dry so conditioner is always a must have for me. Because these lovely products are travel sized, they are incredibly easy to pop in your bag. I am really impressed with the hairspray, although it is a smaller can size, it really does the job. For the shine spray, I think these work better in a bigger size, purely because I have quite long hair. I love that this adds a finishing touch once you are finished with styling. Overall, I am so impressed with the Mark Hill gift set and although this isn't available you can buy an oil version here 9.5/10 Have you tried this set before? Let me know your favourite brunette kit! ♥ 

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