Friday, 14 March 2014

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For some reason, the thought of skin care makes me go "ehh". I'll be totally honest - it doesn't excite me. YSL lipsticks and Max Factor blushers excite me…the thought of having to exfoliate really doesn't. I know not everything can be sexy in the beauty industry, but I have learnt the hard way how important it is to keep your skin clean and fresh. The main reason why my skin isn't at its best? Make-up. I am terrible at taking my make-up off, I have got better recently but it really does make a difference if you take the time to remove it before you go to bed. Just think about the foundation going into your pores while you are asleep for hours! So, we understand the fact that I hate skin products, but the Garnier range is one of the few skin care ranges that make me enjoy covering my face. The Garnier Fresh Essentials range is perfect if you want quick results without having to spend a fortune.

Garnier Fresh Essentials - Refreshing Cleansing Lotion: Designed for normal to combination skin, this grape scented cleanser is perfect for removing make-up - even mascara. I found this incredibly easy to use and with the amount of mascara I pile on, it certainly gets the job done! I don't own many grape scented products but I thought this smelt lovely without being overpowering. It's definitely converted me from using face wipes, it really gets the job done and I love how cute the bottle is! 9/10

Garnier Soft Essentials - Comforting Cream Wash: My favourite product out of the four, this cream is ideal for keeping your skin strong and smooth. After removing all of your make-up and dirt, applying this to wet skin will really help your skin feel soft! This is specifically for dry skin and has a lovely smell of floral scents, I'm quite glad it doesn't have a strong smell of roses, (I hate rose!). This is best used when your skin is wet because it creates a light foam that gently massages the skin, you only need a few pumps too. 8.5/10

Garnier Fresh Essentials - Refreshing Scrub: Out of all of the skin products, this one really shows fast results. I can always feel a difference in my skin after using this. It contains small micro particles to help remove trapped dirt. If you have trouble removing your make-up like me, this will get into your pores and remove any of the build-up. Although removing your make-up before it gets to this stage is a wise idea. This scrub is gentle enough that you can use this everyday, the general rule is you should use a face scrub three to four times a week because it can damage your skin cells if you over do it. This scrub is gentle enough for every day use. 10/10

Garnier Fresh Essentials - Refreshing Toner: This particular toner really does battle the issue of oil. I have very oily skin so naturally, toners are a big deal in my face routine. Use a cotton pad and simply wipe over your skin, focusing on your T zone area. I would not advice using this as a make-up remover, I think this suits removing dirt and dead skin cells rather than foundation. Absolutely love this toner, it smells great and helps control my shine! 9/10 

You can find the full Garnier skin range here at Boots

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  1. I do love my garnier cream cleanser, but I need to try the polishing scrub now! xx



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