Friday, 27 December 2013

our town ♥

I would be lying if I said this year had been easy, in truth it has been quite a difficult year for me but I'm all about the positives so I thought I would share with you my highlights of 2013. Where do I start? Writing for Look magazine and reviewing bronzers, attending L'Oreal Paris events, meeting lovely journalists and PR's, spending more time with my dad, getting promoted at work, attending the Tom Ford launch at Harvey Nichols, having my first girls holiday in Marbella, working with Warehouse on their photo shoot, meeting John Frieda and Nicky Clarke, going to Winter Wonderland... I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to do all these things. I'm so excited to see what I'll be saying this time next year! I've put down my targets from last year and the new targets for this year, I think I did pretty well, ish. Hopefully I'll have them all ticked off by next year! What are your goals for next year? I am determined to go travelling, I have seen so many gorgeous photos of cities lately, so Italy is the one place I want to visit. Have you been to Italy before? Have a lovely evening girls, I'm back to party food and James Franco movies ;) ♥

2013 New Year Resolutions:
♥ To start going Yoga classes
♥ To get a flat stomach and feel happy wearing fun and daring outfits again!
Start my driving lessons
Start saving money for a rainy day
To work with more magazines and beauty/fashion companies
♥ Reach 2,000 followers on Fairytale Kiss
Learn to be more balanced
♥ Make my own healthy pack lunches for work
Worry about what makes me happy and not anyone else
To trust my instincts more

2014 New Year Resolutions:
♥ Pass my theory
♥ Pass my driving test
♥ Save for a car
♥ Learn Italian
♥ Go back to be a size 8/10 again
♥ Go to Italy
♥ Go up to London every 2 weeks for drinks
♥ Make healthy meals for work
♥ Wake up at 7 and walk to work
♥ Go to yoga classes
♥ Go swimming classes
♥ Reach 2,000 followers on Fairytale Kiss


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