Wednesday, 18 December 2013

ordinary people ♥

I have finally got around to my Christmas wish list, I am cutting it slightly late but I find it so hard to find something I like! Yes, of course there are the usual suspects – a Prada bag, a Michael Kors watch…but realistically putting together a Christmas list can be slightly hard for me. I am in desperate need of a nice bag, I love the Zara office bag, which really reminds me of the infamous Prada one. River Island and Zara are my usual pit stops for bag hunting, I am a huge lover of big bags! Next on my list is Alien by Thierry Mugler – this is my favourite perfume of all time. I have yet to find a perfume that I like better than Alien, it smells amazing! I recently tried the Jimmy Choo perfume which is coming up as my close second favourite. For my DVDs, Sopranos, Mulan and Alice in Wonderland are on my hit list (a very strange combo I know…).

I’m also adding the Yankee Candle to my list, I have recently started an unhealthy addiction with candles, I am obsessed with writing, lighting candles and having the iPod on. For clothes, I usually tend to buy them myself because I’m usually so picky. But Zara is my number one spot this year, the lingerie lace dress is gorgeous, I have seen so many people buy this! I think every girl needs a pretty, little black dress in her wardrobe. The one thing I have been looking for since the summer time is a white leather jacket, I am obsessed with leather but unfortunately I can never find a white leather jacket! The ones I tend to find usually are too cream based. And of course I am going to add the Naked palette to my wish list, I think every beauty blogger is in love with this! What is on your Christmas list for this year? Have a lovely Christmas girls, I hope you all get Prada bags ;)


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