Wednesday, 4 December 2013

as i lay dying ♥

I haven't done a "My week in photos" for a while so I thought it would be a nice change :) I've been super busy lately, I have caught up with old uni friends and eaten fortune cookies, used a love tester machines (hot stuff ;)..) and I've also had giant sized cocktails. I recently attended the amazing SS14 QVC launch - the amount of new season beauty products was amazing! I will be reviewing the new products hopefully this week. I recently went to Nopi for breakfast, it was amazing - the bathroom looked like the Justin Timberlake Mirrors video! What have you been up to? Any new products you are loving at the moment? I'm currently eating sushi and flicking through the new Marie Claire, wow the Amazing Hair feature this issues is well..pretty amazing! Have a lovely afternoon girls, I will be posting more reviews this week. Also, I thought you would appreciate the Elf Yourself screen grab - not long now until Christmas! 

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