Tuesday, 11 June 2013

not fade away ♥

Okay so I did say that I would not be going out until I'm on holiday - I failed miserably and went out on Saturday.. I haven't done an outfit post in a while so I thought my outfit from the weekend would be pretty interesting to share, first of all the Zara shorts are my new baby. Aren't they gorgeous? It's such a lovely white shade, and it fits lovely on your hips, although they look like a skirt face on, they are actually shorts. The heels were also from Zara, I was lucky enough to get these bad boys for £16 in the Winter sale, they are perfect for glamming up an outfit, especially because the heel is quite chunky. The necklace was from New Look, I'm not usually a big wearer of big, colourful necklaces but this went perfectly with my outfit! I really adore New Look jewellery, especially they're brown and black necklaces.I had a real struggle trying to find a top for this outfit, I did pair it with a lime crop top from Topshop but it was too much stomach out! 

So I found this lime crop t-shirt from Republic for £14. I'm not really a fan of my stomach area, so pairing the Zara shorts and top together really did work well together. Of course I had to wear my Massimo Dutti watch - you can't go wrong with a gold watch! :) For my hair and make-up, I curled the ends and brushes it out - I used L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray to set everything. For my face, I accidently went a bit over the top with my eyeshadow :( I'm now on an eyeshadow ban for this week just because I'm getting pretty tired of having brown eyeshadow on! Have you put yourself on a make-up ban before? If you had to give up one beauty product, what would it be? Hope you have a lovely week girls - let me know how you would wear these Zara shorts! Oh and apologies for the very extreme pout, I was rather excited 


  1. haha sounds just like me! I am so broke after 2 months of backpacking Europe but somehow I still keep finding my way into my cocktail dresses and venturing out into town!

    My name is also Jade! :)

    The yellow really suits you and those Zara shorts are AWESOME!

    Loving your blog, new follower on GFC xx


  2. Arr I would love go travelling! :) ah thank you, I thought I would treat myself with the skirt :) ohhh thanks, ill follow you too! :) xxx

  3. Hey,
    great outfit and sweet pictures. :)


  4. Arr thank you! :D xx

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments girls :) x

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous babe!!!! Love your hair, and makeup xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

  7. Arrr thanks lovely :) xxxxx

  8. I am loving this new trend

  9. Soooo beautiful!! Love your hair xxxx



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