Tuesday, 16 April 2013

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For today's post, I wanted to do a little reviewing on the Phil Smith Argan Oil sample that came with this months Cosmopolitan. Just in case you haven't bought your issue yet, Alesha Dixon is on the front cover. It's full of gorgeous summer outfit ideas so as well as a nifty free sample, so you can also get summer inspired! :) Now, the Phil Smith Argan Oil is amazing - the packaging says it is a "Hair transforming cream"  and what I've learnt about argan oil creams is that they are really great for adding sleekness to your hair without being to heavy. What sticks out most for me is the smell, it smells incredible! It's hard to describe the smell, but I would have to say it's quite fruity. I've used the cream this morning to keep any loose strands coming out of my pony tail! You can use this on damp hair before you blow dry it, but I also like using a pea size amount as a serum to get rid of frizz when I've styled it with flat irons etc. 

Overall, I would give this oil 8.5/10 - I've really fallen in love with the smell of the product and for me, hair that smells great as well as being glossy is always a plus. I know that hair perfumes are getting quite popular at the moment, but I think adding a serum then a perfume is adding a bit too much product on! My hair can get quite hard to manage with too many products so a product that smells great and makes my hair smooth is much better.  Have you tried any Phil Smith products before? You can find a range of his products here. Let me know what other freebie products you love getting from magazines - god bless Glamour magazine and their occasional Nails Inc samples! :)  Have a lovely afternoon girls! 


  1. I wish my us subs came with samples

  2. Oh really? I really recommend this oil though, such a good product!


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