Thursday, 21 February 2013

loyalty ♥

When it comes to change, I think we can be quite afraid of it - changing your routine may not sound complicated but if you do something for a long time, it can feel daunting to break away from it. But change is good right? One of my New Year resolutions is to start looking after myself more, especially my skin - I do love the after effects of using healthy skin products on my skin, having fresh and clear pores is a lovely feeling, but to make a routine of doing this, it can be tricky. So when Skinetica popped through my letter box last week, I was very excited to try it out - I mean, it came at the perfect time really, I'm trying to lay off heavy face make-up for a while and I want to really have naturally clear skin pores! I've been using Skinetica for a week now and I can already notice a huge difference, my skin feels less clogged up and less red.

What I really liked about Skinetica is the fact that it doesn't have any fancy models on the cover or cheesy sayings, it simply does what it says. It protects your skin from break outs and can really calm down any skin redness. The formula is incredibly gentle so if any of you have sensitive skin, I would really recommend this. The best time to use Skinetica is after you've removed all your make-up and first thing in the morning. If you're prone to breakouts even though you still have a strict skin routine, look at the products your using and see if they contain Benzol peroxide, salicylic acird or sulphar - these are the key ingredients found in products that cause acne. Have you used Skinetica before? Let me know your skin routine! Have a lovely evening girls *

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