Friday, 4 January 2013

eternity ♥

My whole body is aching at the moment, exercise is not my friend. Seeing as I haven't lifted a weight in about 6 months, you could say I'm a little rusty. Which brings me to my main point for today's blog post...the start of 2013 is all about change and new beginnings right? Well, I thought I'd go through my New Year Resolutions and talk about the ones I made in 2012 - so I'll show you the ones I posted this exact time last year - eep!
To graduate with a 2:1
♥ Learn how to drive after I finish uni
Don't waste time on people who don't really appreciate me
Get a job working for a fashion/beauty industry...even if I have to just make tea and coffee at first ;)
♥ To fall in love again
♥ Exercise and eat healthy for longer than 5 minutes
Buy more clothes rather than make-up I already have!
To always carry a bottle of water with me
To read the rest of 'The Child Called It' books

Okay, so this is what I wrote last year, I am so, so happy that I graduated with a 2:1 and I didn't even think I would get a high 1st for my dissertation so I am over the moon with that first resolution! The driving part..mehh, I need to save a bit before I start lessons! I am also incredibly happy with myself that I've bought a good amount of clothes this year, I've stopped buying make-up that I already have and I've really started working on my wardrobe, I hope by the end of next year it will be full of lovely Zara and Mango goodies! ;) I'm half way through 'The Child Called It' trilogy so I know I will read them all soon,  I read the entire 50 Shades trilogy in 2 weeks and American Psycho so I am improving my reading rate here! The images above are all things to keep you motivated and ready to start 2013! Now my new resolutions for next year are:

♥ To start going Yoga classes
♥ To get a flat stomach and feel happy wearing fun and daring outfits again!
♥ Start my driving lessons
♥ Start saving money for a rainy day
♥ To work with more magazines and beauty/fashion companies
♥ Reach 2,000 followers on Fairytale Kiss
♥ Learn to be more balanced
♥ Make my own healthy pack lunches for work
♥ Worry about what makes me happy and not anyone else
♥ To trust my instincts more


  1. its great that you achieve most of what you wanted. your goals are very realistic :) im having an international giveaway on my blog incase youre interested! features goodies from ELF, Revlon, Wet n Wild and Victoria's Secret! :)

  2. Great post!! You both look lovely and very elegant =) ps: Happy new year!!
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  3. I love your outfit! Happy new year!


  4. I love your outfit, and your hair in the photo! :)

    Ah congratulations on getting a 2:1! And for completing most of your New Year's Resolutions.
    I have done a similar post and we have similar NYRs for 2013! Mainly exercise, although I still haven't gone for a run yet, my excuse at the moment is 'homework' I should have earlier in the holidays...

    Good luck with your NYRs!

    ~Hannah x

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