Sunday, 13 January 2013

dear boy ♥

Bag: 1. 2. 3. 4.
Good evening girls, how is everyone's Sunday going? I do believe I have been absent this week from the blogging world - my apologies everyone! I have been incredibly busy at work and to keep myself nice and sane I've been relaxing every evening and catching up on my Child Called It trilogy (I'm addicted to these books!), I have also been watching Hollyoaks, going shopping and eating far too much food! This weekend I had an optician appointment and it turns out I need glasses, so expect a glasses post coming soon ;) I saw a lovely pair of reading glasses from Vogue but they were £, are glasses always this expensive?! Anyway, for today's post I wanted to focus on bags, bags and more bags. I've had my eye on quite a few and I do think they add a bit of glamour and sparkle to an outfit ;) The ones I'm lusting after are pretty simple, I don't think I like complex looking bags. I am crazy about the Doll QuickDry Brush (featured in the H&M section) - it's great for styling your hair and the carbon barrel makes the hair dry 50% faster! 

Although the bright pink H&M one is quite bold hehe. They will go with any outfit though! I've just put a few basic items for each bag - these are the usual things I carry around in my bag, although I do have a bad habit of not binning receipts... Hair serum, pens, headphones - you name it, I carry it around with me. I always over pack my bags, is this just me? What bag is your favourite? 1, 2, 3 or 4? Write your number down below :) Thanks for all my new followers, let me know what post you would like me to feature! Have a lovely evening girls, I'm going to the Fellowship Hair Awards tomorrow night so I'm just planning my outfit - I'm thinking leather trousers with a white blouse!



  1. Replies
    1. I know - I love the Doll Quickdry brush! x

  2. Replies
    1. It's such a lovely colour! Perfect to spice up a outfit! xx

  3. LOVE that iPhone 5 case <3 I'm on the lookout for a nice case

    ♥ Anusha

    1. It's great - I found it on Polyvore! xx

  4. Zara do the best handbags at the moment, I love them :) I want the black shopper bag!
    LaceyLoves x

    1. I know, they really do! Most of them are £40 as well so not that pricey! xx

  5. The Zara handbag is my fave!
    And no your not the only person who fills their handbag to the brim. Mines constantly full of absolute rubbish haha :)



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